Creating Customer Delight At Diagnostic Clinics Project Example


Diagnostic Clinics Six Sigma project increased satisfied customers to 12 per day while the complaints dropped 2 per day


A chain of medical diagnostic clinics was developed from the ground up. After two years of hectic expansion marked by acquisitions and setting up greenfield clinics across a number of cities, it became clear that due to the different inherited processes across those acquisitions, the chain needed to focus more on improving and standardizing the quality of service offered, and improving its customer satisfaction rankings.

A two-day “quality mindset” program was conducted for the chain’s 20-member senior management group. This program introduced the leaders to the concept of customer delight and its key ingredients – product quality, service, delivery and cost.

The program also explained how to improve those ingredients through the application of total quality management (TQM), by incorporating just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing principles, total quality control (TQC) and employee involvement. Most importantly, through interactive exercises, this program helped to open the group to change.

The process was internalized quickly after the initial tests – employees felt less pressure as the customers were being serviced faster.

The new cycle for processing tests and reports was run for longer and longer durations each day as any glitches were worked out and the staff gained confidence in the new process. Ultimately it became the default process for each day and proved to be highly effective and popular among the staff – it finished the work and left minimal WIP, relieving pressure on all clinic employees.

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