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Turn Judgment Calls Into Reliable Data Analysis

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With its DMAIC roadmap, the Six Sigma methodology provides a structured and systematic approach to solve business and process problems.

Six Sigma Belts and Project Leaders should develop a sound data analysis plan to find the critical root causes of their problem in the DMAIC Analyze phase. Incorporating the DMAIC Analyze Tool into your data analysis plan will ensure the data can be used to support and validate the statistical analysis.

Many projects fail because of poor data analysis. Part of the DMAIC process is the Analyze phase- you need to Analyze the process and data to determine the main root causes that create the majority of the defects in your process:

  • Define potential root causes
  • Test them one by one with statistical hypothesis tests and data graphing
  • Develop Data Collection Plans
  • Collect the Data
  • Begin Testing Y=f(x) Relationships
  • Determine the statistical significant X’s

One of the biggest challenges in data analysis is being able to interpret the available data and graphs, and reaching a reliable conclusion about the root causes. This product offers an inexpensive way to collect that data and prove its significance and its impact.

The DMAIC Analyze Tool will help you determine:

  • Continuous Y Discrete X data Analysis
  • Continuous Y Continuous X data Analysis
  • Discrete Y Discrete X data Analysis

Six Sigma Belts and other project team members also need to remember that analyzing data is a process, not a single event. Thus it is important to have access to a complete set of analysis tools.

The DMAIC Analyze Tool provides all the tools you need during the ANALYZE phase, and enables you to obtain reliable data analysis each time.


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