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Lean focus to increase the the percentage of value added work performed by a company

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This 18-page guide has been designed as a quick reference for the key elements of implementing waste reduction, workplace organization and poka-yoke – all elements of the Lean methodologies. It includes any applicable templates and data sets.

The essence of Lean is to concentrate effort on removing waste while improving process flow to achieve speed and agility at lower cost. Lean focuses on what is called Value Stream (addressed in Quick Reference Guided titled, Lean Value Stream), the sequence of activities and work required to produce a product or to provide a service. The focus of Lean is to increase the percentage of value-added work performed by a company.

Lean recognizes that most businesses spend a relatively small portion of their energies on the true delivery of value to a customer. While all companies are busy, it is estimated for some companies that as little as 10% of their time is spent on value-added work, meaning as much as 90% is allocated to non value-added activities, or waste.

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