Lean Six Sigma Executive Introduction E-book


This book has been designed to acquaint you with the methodologies of Lean Six Sigma, describe what their application may do for your firm and describe how such a program is undertaken and sustained

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Gain understanding of the capabilities, resource commitment and resulting performance improvement expectations of Lean Six Sigma.

Lean Six Sigma has been a powerful tool for corporate process improvement initiatives for over twenty years.

This 83-page course describes the methodology, how it is used, types of issues it addresses and program expectations. Also discussed are the requirements for initiating and managing a successful Lean Six Sigma program.

Ebook highlights:

  • In-depth explanations
  • Descriptions of process management, lean principles and Six Sigma
  • Managing the deployment model
  • Various course descriptions
  • Lean Six Sigma glossary of terms

*** A companion to this e-book, the Lean Six Sigma Executive Overview Training Course is a powerful tool that emphasizes the training, methodology and ensures success by getting your Executive staff excited about implementing Lean Six Sigma. The training course can be found here.

This course has been developed to enhance the general knowledge and provide some capabilities in the arena of Lean Six Sigma for people involved in the daily operation of business processes in Process Improvement Teams.

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