Measuring Six Sigma Project Benefits


71% said they use estimated benefits as a means of selecting Six Sigma projects to pursue

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Delivering measurable contributions to key strategic goals can be imperative to the success of an organization’s Six Sigma program. In order to do this, leaders of process improvement projects must prove the relative worth – in both hard and soft benefits – of each project. Only then can they receive the support, resources and management commitment needed to execute projects and sustain results.

Return on investment (ROI) is often cited as an overall rule-of-thumb for business decision making. But determining what might go into that measurement may differ across companies or even across business units within a single company.

This iSixSigma Magazine research report is based on data from 551 survey respondents from around the world, and explores how organizations track the benefits that result from Six Sigma projects. It provides a benchmark for selecting metrics, and measuring and gauging project and deployment success.

This is a vital component of not only ensuring project success, but also of creating a sustainable Six Sigma program.

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