Project Selection Process Pack Training Slides


Identify, select and prioritize business projects

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The Project Selection Process Pack is comprised of:

  • 57 PowerPoint slides
  • Instructor notes
  • Slide explanations
  • Samples
  • 7 Templates

Training slides are geared for any corporate unit with the unit manager and all direct reports. Can be used at the Department, Division or Corporate Level.

The Project Selection Process activity is a road map to an efficient and effective Business Process Improvement program and includes a brainstorming session kept on course by your facilitation.

The audience should be the highest ranking member of management for the department, division or other business unit undertaking this exercise and his/her direct reports. Study the slide presentation and it will lead you through the exercise.

The group session will take one day to complete.

Follow up work in completing the Opportunity Analysis Matrix will take as long as is necessary and will involve one-on-one work with the course participants. After the first session there will be no more group meetings except, perhaps, to review results.

Project Selection Process Course Contents:

Class Presentation: 57 slide PowerPoint Presentation


  • Problem Statement – Template.doc
  • Opportunity Analysis Matrix – Template.xls
  • Opportunity Analysis Matrix – Sample.xls
  • Champion Project Worksheet – Template.xls
  • Champion Project Worksheet – Sample.xls
  • Project List – Template.xls
  • Project List – Sample.xls
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