Reducing Waste on Chicken Nugget Line Project Example


Kahiki Foods Six Sigma project are expected to reduce daily waste percentage to 7.39 and save $178,042 annually

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Kahiki Foods, a family-run Asian foods manufacturer with about 200 employees in Gahanna, Ohio, USA, had an excessive amount of waste on their chicken nugget product line. That waste correlates to a loss in raw materials of $601,170 annually.

By redesigning the waste tracking system, identifying root causes and then implementing prioritized solution elements, the business predicts an annual savings of $178,042 and a 24-percent decrease in the daily waste percentage.

The project was scoped to encompass the beginning of processing through to the end of palletizing. The members of the core team included a process improvement engineer, line leads and production managers, as well as employees from R&D, finance and scheduling.

Read the full report to find out more! The report is structured as it would be presented to a panel of company executives at the final project review.

The objectives of such a presentation are to communicate significant results of the project and share highlights of how results were achieved.

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