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Organizations do not develop expertise in acquisition unless they do it often.

Even when organizations have procurement or contracting officers, acquisition/procurement knowledge by project managers and Six Sigma Black Belts can significantly improve the success of projects which involve acquisitions.

The presentation, slides and presenter notes, helps buyers structure acquisitions logically and factually to achieve higher rates of success.

This presentation slide deck includes 59 slides, professionally designed, ready for you to customize with your name and company logo and deliver. Instructor notes are also included to ensure you don’t leave out critical talking points. Feel free to modify the content, use for your own internal training, and share with your teams.

From the developer of this product: “I served as a contracting officer in the Marine Corps while also serving as a supply analyst at a Central Development and Programming Agency (CDPA) and later used skills and experience gained while serving as a Master Black Belt in G.E. Capital and as an independent contractor. I have seen this process work and, like building SIPOC exhibits, seen clients discover more about their own processes/products while executing it.”

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