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A SIPOC diagram is a tool used by the team to identify all relevant elements of a process

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A SIPOC diagram is a tool used by a team to identify all relevant elements of a process improvement project before work begins. It helps define a complex project that may not be well scoped, and is typically employed at the Measure phase of the Six Sigma DMAIC methodology.

A SIPOC diagram is similar and related to Process Mapping and ‘In/Out Of Scope’ tools, but provides additional detail.

The SIPOC diagram is particularly useful when it is not clear:

  • Who supplies Inputs to the process?
  • What specifications are placed on the Inputs?
  • Who are the true Customers of the process?
  • What are the Requirements of the customers?

In this module you will learn the following:

  • Understand what constitutes a process.
  • Understand inputs and outputs and how are they used to improve a process.
  • How to use a SIPOC diagram.
  • How to create a SIPOC map for your process.

You can use these slides as a refresher for you, or in a training/classroom environment. The SIPOC Training Slides are designed for business professionals who are interested in applying process improvement techniques in their workplace.

Some of these professionals may include Quality Managers, Continuous Improvement Managers, Process engineers, etc.


  • All the work in an organization takes the form of a process.
  • Understanding input and output relationships is important in process improvement.
  • The SIPOC Map helps define your process, outputs, inputs, customers, and supplier.
  • The SIPOC is an useful tool in helping you gain an understanding of your project.

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