Six Sigma Certification Research Report 2014


50% of respondents who reported that their company has in-house Six Sigma certification program


When it comes to Six Sigma certification, companies take varied approaches – some leave the responsibility for certification completely on the Six Sigma professional, while others make the certification process an internal part of the company’s Six Sigma initiative.

Overall, the results of iSixSigma’s survey of certification show that Six Sigma practitioners are interested in obtaining certification for reasons that are not necessarily tangible.

Six Sigma professionals who are certified report they receive respect and admiration from their colleagues and increased job satisfaction from being certified, and are considered a more credible Six Sigma practitioner.

Throughout this report, findings will be compared to the similar iSixSigma research study conducted in 2007.

Table 1: What is the highest level of Six Sigma certification you have earned?

Table 2: Age Range

Table 3: Certifying Bodies

Table 4: Which of the following best describes Six Sigma certification at your company?

Table 5: Which of the following best describes Six Sigma certification at your company?

Table 6: How would you describe the general level of commitment of your Senior Management to your company’s Six Sigma initiative?

Table 7: Which of the following were required in order to receive your Six Sigma certification?

Table 8: Which of the following best describes your certification experience?

Table 9: How many projects were you required to complete (in the role of project leader) to earn your certification?

Table 10: Within a year of my Six Sigma certification, I experienced the following.

Table 11: Within one year of certification, which of the following did you experience?

Table 12: Which of the following best describes why you sought or are seeking certification?

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