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34% said their CEO is involved in communicating about their Six Sigma program

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There are more ways to communicate today than ever before. Effective communication – picking the right medium to ensure the intended message reaches the desired audience – is an important part of an organization’s Six Sigma deployment.

Such outlets as meetings, emails and newsletters serve to inform stakeholders about the goals and progress of the program. Through their communication efforts, organizations may increase awareness and enthusiasm for Six Sigma and make desired changes in corporate culture happen faster than they may have otherwise.

These communication efforts also play a significant part in keeping program participants up to date about the latest deployment news.

Through a successful communications strategy, practitioners can learn which projects are the most successful and why, and take these lessons back to their own projects, thereby replicating the success. Examples of past projects also can help motivate program participants during the sometimes difficult process of implementing changes in corporate structures and processes.

While the professionals surveyed in this iSixSigma Magazine research report generally feel informed about various aspects of their organization’s Six Sigma program, there are opportunities to expand communication efforts through the use of newer channels, such as social networking tools and program dashboards.

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