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Australian Bank to Revamp IT with Lean Six Sigma

To prepare for a three-year IT overhaul, Australia’s Westpac bank is applying Lean Six Sigma methods to improve customer service.

Bank Deposits: A Black Belt Case Study

A Black Belt used Six Sigma to improve a transactional bank deposit process, resulting in yearly savings of $4 million.

Case Study Shows Six Sigma Role in Financial Services

An international bank, decided in 2003 to adopt Six Sigma in all its business units in Europe. It then set out to implement one of its priority business strategies - significantly grow its car loan business in the next two years.

Case Study: DFSS Used to Improve Account Setup Process

The bank in the following case study had been encountering problems with new customer accounts. The bank’s senior management decided to execute a Design for Six Sigma project to improve the information-gathering process for account setup. The project team followed the Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, Verify (DMADV) roadmap.

Check Imaging Improvements with Lean Six Sigma

In this case study, Lean Six Sigma was used by a bank as the method for reduced costs and happier customers via its check imaging process, while avoiding any legal liabilities.

DFSS Drives Results for Financial Services Firms

Lean Six Sigma remains a popular and effective tool to improve efficiency in financial services operations. However, many financial institutions are finding that identifying and reducing incremental defect variability does not fully maximize the full spectrum of improvement opportunities. To…

EverBank Appoints MBB Brantl as Operations, Process Leader

EverBank Commercial Finance, an equipment financing subsidiary of Islandia, N.Y., USA-based EverBank, has named Curtis C. Brantl, a certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt, as the company’s new operations and process leader.

How to Make Interbank Image Exchange a Reality

More and more banks are using Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) to help them to take full advantage of such modern processes as electronic check presentment, thereby reducing expenses and increasing profits.

Leverage Six Sigma to Manage Operational Risk in Financial Services

To escape from post-financial crisis times, financial services companies need to effectively and efficiently manage their risks. This article showcases how financial services can leverage FMEA and control charts to manage their operational risk and reduce costs.

Making Use of DFLSS to Cultivate a Shared Compute Farm

One approach to providing fast responses even with highly complex computations is distributed computing, or creating a shared compute farm. Making this work is a matter of integrating hardware, software and people resources. And DFLSS can help.

Scorecard Can Balance Different Measures of Success

A company using Lean Six Sigma must, for optimal impact, balance both financial measures of success (voice of the business) and customer measures of success (voice of the customer). The balanced scorecard is a great tool for doing exactly that.

Scorecards Help South African Bank Reap Savings

Standard Bank Group – one of the largest financial institutions in South Africa, with more than 1.33 trillion rand (R) (US$200 billion) – recently released a case study about how it deployed Lean Six Sigma methods to reduce waste and errors, and also created a balanced scorecard system to track its progress.

Six Sigma Proves Its Value in Funds Management

Six Sigma is a systematic data-driven approach that works across most processes, products and industries. Still, some organizations think Six Sigma cannot work for them. One company's funds management department proves that it can. 

Using Triage to Manage Process Workloads in Services

Finding ways to manage workflow and minimize congestion, and the delays it causes, is a common challenge in service businesses. One of the most effective tools for dealing with congestion is triage.

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