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(Waste) Walk on the Wild Side

Ina recent blog post, I mentioned a Waste Walk – and got a few queries about what that is. I see that I have assumed that everyone’s lean toolkit has the same tools, so I apologize for my assumption! Here’s…

10 Ways To Blow Your Next Lean Event

A well-run event can be cathartic, exciting, and extremely effective. A poorly run one wastes a lot of people’s time, money, and at worst, vaporizes everyone’s motivation to support any future quality activities. In either case, you can be sure…

5S in Translation

5S is one of the foundation concepts of lean. The Japanese originals were: Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, Shetsuke. (Additional S’s such asSafety or Security are sometimes added.) I did a quick survey on-line to see what variations are out there….

5S Your Email Inbox

I love to open my business email inbox in the morning, don’t you? Especially if you’ve been practicing good work-life balance and haven’t peeked at it since the end of business the day before. When I go on vacation, it’s…

5S Your Email Outbox

After reading my last post, 5S Your Email Inbox, a couple of colleagues asked whether they could apply 5S to sending emails as well. Here are the guidelines that I use – I’m sure others have their methods, too, so feel…

A Case of Mistaken Capability

The common expression “numbers do not lie” may be true, but a clear understanding of where the numbers came from, and of the human factors involved, is required to reveal the truth in the data.

AAM's Lean Facility Named on Top 10 Manufacturing Plant List

The Three Rivers Manufacturing Facility, owned by Detroit-based American Axle & Manufacturing Holdings, Inc. (AAM), has been recognized as one of the 10 best plants in North America by IndustryWeek magazine for 2010.

ABRA Hires Black Belt Richardson to Lead Lean Initiatives

ABRA Auto Body & Glass, a Minneapolis-based vehicle repair company, has hired Black Belt Jim Richardson as the company’s new vice president of ABRA Glass, where he will be tasked with meeting the division’s growth objectives and Lean initiatives.

Achieving Lean

There’s a great quote from Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” that I was thinking of today, in relation to how we teach lean. Thecharacter Malvoliosays, “Be not afraid of greatness. Someare born great, someachieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon ’em.”…

Airbus Turns to Porsche for Advice on Lean Techniques

Airbus SAS’s head of operations, Gerald Weber, is taking lessons from his former employers in the car industry to cut production time on the A350 model and avoid the years of delay the plane maker suffered on the A380 program.

Applying Lean to New Product Development in Engineering Services

This case study examines the application of Lean to the engineering services industry in a subprocess of the new product development lifecycle -- the generation of 3D models and manufacturing drawings.

Ask the Expert: The Topic – Integrating Lean and Six Sigma

Michael George, chairman and CEO of George Group, answers common questions about integrating the Lean and Six Sigma methodologies.

Balancing Production and Planning in a Lean Environment

Now we have the tools. Supervisors are watching the process, identifying muda, re-work and redundant processes. Front line staff are meeting production goals within acceptable standards. Our work-in-progress is flowing with less wait time, a focus on pull of resources…

Beware of Tools and 'The Next Big Thing'

Isn’t it amazing how there’s “the next big thing” everyday? Headlines from blogs, sales websites, newspapers, even Twitter and LinkedIn, carry this headline continuously. How many of these “things” really are new? Years ago when I started my continuous improvement…

Boeing Ramps Up 767 Production with Lean Techniques

Boeing is introducing several improvements on its Boeing 767 assembly line as it ramps up production to meet higher commercial demand and a potential tanker order from the US Air Force.

Car Makers Struggle with Supply Chains One Month After Japan Quake

Honda is only the latest of several automobile manufacturers to report production slowdowns in the wake of last month’s Japan earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis – triple catastrophes that have crippled global car production supply chains and reduced overall capacity by as much as 30 per cent, according to the British newspaper The Independent.

CBL Group Adopts Lean Six Sigma at New Plastics Factory in China

CBL Group, which operates a 500-employee injection moulding and metals factory in Guangzhou, China, is being hit by both rising costs, with prices for some components rising more than 30 percent, and by continued uncertainty in its core North American market.

Checking In with Starwood's Evolving Lean Six Sigma Program

Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone?… Well, almost gone. After 10 years of ups, downs and near cancellations, the Lean Six Sigma team at Starwood Hotels and Resorts, North America,…

Closest to the Worker

I’ve used the phrase “closest to the customer” when explaining some aspects of lean – for example, starting improvements with the process closest to the customer outcome then working backwards in the process. Lately, I’ve been using the phrase “closest…

Cost Cutting vs. Waste Reduction

As hard as it can be to cut costs in this tough economic environment, it’s harder to sustain the reduction once it’s achieved. “Five ways CFOs can make cost cuts stick” (McKinsey Quarterly May 2010) illustrated exactly this challenge and…

Demand for Electronic Gadgets Stresses Supply Chains Worldwide

Manufacturers across Asia are scrambling to ramp up production of key components for electronics, as shortages have frustrated consumers and disrupted business for companies from Apple Inc. to Nissan Motor Co.

Dirty Socks

I have heard people say that once you have experienced the power of Lean Six Sigma that you will never be the same.I can vouch for that.Process thinking and waste elimination will begin to infiltrate every part of your life…

Does It Get Easier As You Get Better? – It Shouldnand#146;t

Throughout my career Iâ??ve had the pleasure of meeting colleagues from a very large variety of manufacturing cultures.Sometimes I talk to people that work in a “mass” environment with poor performance, and I hear about how good it must be…

E-Z-Go Accelerates Six Sigma Buy-in Through Lean

Over the last eight years, E-Z-Go, an Augusta, Ga., USA-based manufacturer and supplier of golf carts and utility vehicles, has acheived a remarkable level of buy-in among its workforce. To find out how this was achieved, iSixSigma spoke with Renée Stern, continuous improvement (CI) manager for E-Z-Go's parent company, Textron Co.

EE Technologies Expands Mexico Plant, Adds Lean Processing Line

Circuit board maker EE Technologies (EET) is planning to add a fifth production line at its Emplame, Sonora, Mexico, facility and adopt Lean techniques to help meet rising demand for its products.

Eight Steps to a Successful Lean Six Sigma Implementation

Organizations can follow eight steps – from creating a burning platform for adopting the approach to recognizing team member contributions – to complete a Lean Six Sigma rollout.

Erie County, N.Y., Deputy Executive to Resign in May

Erie County, N.Y., Executive Chris Collins is looking for the third deputy county executive of his first term.

Erie County, N.Y., Executive Credits Lean Six Sigma for $40 Million Budget Surplus

Erie County’s executive and comptroller agree the county has a more than $40 million surplus, but can’t get together on the proper use for it.

Finding the Balance Between Leadership and Management

Are you failing to sustain your gains? Your deployment may be over-managed and under-led.

Fitting the Right Belts for Design for Lean Six Sigma

In organizations using DFLSS as an integral part of the project management process, the roles of Black, Green and Yellow Belts must be carefully tailored to the project management environment.

Ford Moving Forward on Lean Auto Assembly Plant in Kentucky

Ford Motor Co. said is it nearing completion of the demolition phase of a $600 million project to revamp its Louisville Assembly Plant in Louisville, Ky., USA, which will include the addition of several Lean processes.

From Six Sigma to Lean

Our health system began its Six Sigma journey about three years ago. We started up in Wave I with three Black Belts at the two largest hospitals (myself among them) who had no real idea of what would come. After…

GE's Appliance Park to Make Hybrid Water Heater Using '3P' Lean Strategy

GE Appliances & Lighting will be getting the most out of the recently announced multi-year (2010-2014), $600 million investment in its manufacturing and other facilities at Louisville’s Appliance Park.

Gemba Academy Intro to Lean

If you’d like to take a beginner’scourse on Lean, look to Ron Pereira’s Gemba Academy. He has releasedhis first video, Introduction to Lean Manufacturing. The clip below (and on the LSS Academy site) is the first 10 minutes of the…

Gemba Walks Come to Life at Fairbanks Morse Engine

Three examples of gemba walks at Fairbanks Morse Engine demonstrate the importance of the sometimes-overlooked basics of process improvement.

GrafTech CEO Shular Says Kaizen Events Helped Save Company

Craig Shular has been the chief executive officer of Parma-based GrafTech International since 2003 and has built a team credited with taking the company from the brink of bankruptcy to profitability and growth.

Heijunka: The Art of Leveling Production

When implemented correctly, heijunka elegantly – and without haste – helps organizations meet demand while reducing while reducing wastes in production and interpersonal processes.

How Lean Can Be Applied to Software Development

Software and IT experts discuss the best ways that methods such as business process managment and Agile can be applied to a Lean software development program.

Hy-Capacity Breaks Ground on New Facility Based on Lean Design

Hy-Capacity Inc., a remanufacturer of tractor components headquartered in Humboldt, Iowa, USA, recently broke ground on the expansion of its manufacturing facility. Hy-Capacity’s new, larger facility will streamline operations and improve traffic flow, following the company’s Lean manufacturing philosophy to…

IBM Applies Green Principles to Reduce Waste at Irish Facility

Businesses today generally understand they need to do as much as possible to conserve energy and water, reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions, and minimize their environmental impact overall. Societal pressures from customers, increasing regulation and economics all make this…

IC-TAG Solutions Launches Phase One of Lean Program

IC-TAG Solutions, a manufacturer of radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags, has begun the first phase of its Lean program, which includes a program to reuse and recycle materials and save energy during the manufacturing process.

Ice-skating Software Helps Improve Lean Operations at Nexteer Plant

Nexteer Automotive, a manufacturer of steering and driveline systems, has reported significant operational savings at its plant near Saginaw, Mich., USA, by using motion analysis software commonly used by figure skaters.

Is a Wait Always a Waste???

In healthcare, we are definitely trying to speed things up for our patients. Billboards around our area (and maybe, around the country) promise 30 minute door-to-doc time in their Emergency Departments (EDs). One promises no waiting to be seen by…

Is Lean Thinking Another Name for Prudence?

Recently I had a call from a well known training company in Englandwho were planning a Six Sigma Lean Government workshop in February of 2007. He did not ask about successes, or best practices, he wanted to know the major…

Is This a Six Sigma, Lean or Kaizen Project?

Executives who develop a working knowledge of Six Sigma, Lean and Kaizen are much better prepared to build the right infrastructure and lead their organizations to both financial and human success.

iSixSigma Publisher Katie Barry Introduces Redesigned Website

In a note to readers, Publisher Katie Barry introduces the redesigned iSixSigma.com and encourages users to send feedback on their experiences with the new site.

IT Looking to LEAN for Programming

October 2, 2006 – Eweek published an interesting article by Peter Coffee titled “What it means to be Lean”.  He correlates computer programming with lean thinking and describes a new book related to lean software. “I just received a new book…

Japan Disaster Rattles Manufacturers Worldwide

Several weeks after a devastating 9.0-magnitude earthquake struck northern Japan on March 11, triggering a massive tsunami and ongoing nuclear plant crisis, Lean manufacturers across the globe have scrambled to reroute their supply chains.

Kimberly-Clark Appoints SVP Spencer to Run Continuous Improvement Programs

Kimberly-Clark announced that it has named Jan Spencer, currently president of Kimberly-Clark Professional, as its new senior vice president, continuous improvement, sourcing and sustainability, according to a company press release.

Knowledge Worker Productivity

Lean and Six Sigma have helped many organizations improve quality and productivity in their manufacturing and transactional processes. However, applying these methodologies remains a challenge in a knowledge work environment, such as the life sciences, based on my 15+ years…

Laird Technologies Wins Lean Excellence Award for China Facility

Laird Technologies Inc., a St. Louis, Mo., USA-based supplier of antennas for mobile devices, has won the 2010 Great Wall Award for Lean Manufacturing Excellence in China. Laird’s manufacturing facility in Beijing, China, was recognized by the China-based Great Wall Award (GWA) Committee for having the best implementation of Lean manufacturing throughout China.

Lean Banking

I can’t help but wonder if banking and finance has an administrative concept equal or similar to lean process strategic planning. As accounting goes I suspect that efficiency, correct mathematical computation and balanced accounts all are considered important and of…

Lean Banking: It Is Not Always Just Single-Piece Flow

There are many projects where Lean is not about flow and pull, but about straightforward waste reduction. The key is to make Lean thinking (and usability) a key building block of the design and the review of IT applications.

Lean Ceiling Paint

As we prepare for the arrival of our second child, we’ve decided to repaint the nursery. If you’ve ever tried painting a ceiling before, you know how easy it is to miss spots. Rather than go with normal ceiling paint,…

Lean Implementation for IT Company

An information technology services company was engaged to provide end-to-end testing for a telecom provider's five lines of business. Each business line had its own way of operating. The company chose to apply Lean in order to reduce waste in these processes.

Lean Leaders Are Everywhere – If You Make It So

By adopting five key skills, everyone in an organization can – and should – exhibit Lean Leadership qualities.

Lean Line Balancing in the IT Sector

This step-by-step guide shows how Belts in the transactional sector can calculate the time needed to complete a process and utilize their resources efficiently.

Lean Manufacturing Is a Form of Ethics

According to Merriam-Webster, ethics is the discipline of dealing with good and bad. If you look beyond the tools and the jargon of the Toyota Production System (TPS), this is exactly what you will find.

Lean Manufacturing Vs. Continuous Improvement

Let’s start off by defining Lean manufacturing. Lean (as described on multiple on-line resources) is described as a production practice that focuses on the elimination of wasteful elements in all process to increase the value to the customer. Sounds great! What organization wouldn’t want to implement a program to eliminate waste? The problem is that some organizations misuse Lean Manufacturing to overwork and reduce headcount.

Lean Medical Device Maker Named 'Up and Coming Business'

Phase II Medical Manufacturing Inc., a single-use medical device maker based in Rochester, N.H., USA, was recently recognized as the “2010 Up and Coming Business of the Year” at the annual meeting of the New Hampshire Bio/Medical Council. In the last two years, Lean processes have helped the company reduce waste and energy while expanding its manufacturing space by 50 percent.

Lean Methods Help Avoid Layoffs at Four Hospitals

Despite the common allegation that Lean improvement methods must lead to layoffs at healthcare systems, the reality is quite different at several leading hospitals, where Lean methods are actually saving or creating jobs.

Lean Operations Allow for Consolidation at Vending Machine Plant

Crane Merchandising Systems, one of the world’s largest suppliers of vending machines and vending payment systems, has employed Lean techniques to consolidate two of its manufacturing operations into a single facility in Williston, S.C., USA.

Lean Operations Help Choctaw Defense Land U.S. Army Contract

The U.S. Army has recently awarded Choctaw Defense, owned by the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, a three-year, $20 million performance standard contract to design and manufacture the Camel II potable water trailer system, which provides water for troops in virtually any location.

Lean Revamp of 767 Line Helped Boeing Win Tanker Bid

After a contentious 10-year competition with European rival EADS, the Boeing Co. won a hard-fought $35 billion contract to supply the U.S. Air Force with new refueling tanker aircraft, due in part to the Lean methods the aerospace manufacturer recently adopted for its 767 line.

Lean Start-up: A Cycle of Continuous Evolution

In the movement known as Lean start-up, a new enterprise starts with an idea about what customers want, not an idea for a product. Quick iterations that incorporate learnings from customer conversations with each iteration, rather than elaborate up-front product planning, lead a business to success.

Lean Techniques Help Boeing Production Take Flight

The Lean techniques that Boeing Commercial Airplanes has been deploying in its Everett, Wash., USA, plant over the last several years have allowed the airplane manufacturer to expand production of its most popular models in 2011 in response to renewed post-recession demand from airlines.

Lean Template System Reduces Software Document Waste

One waste area, often found in organizations handling outsourced projects, is excessive – and often redundant – documentation. To overcome this waste, practitioners can organize it in one place by building and maintaining a master document.

Lean Travel (or not!)

I’ve spent a good part of this past summer travelling for business. In the past, I might have flown a few times a year for conferences, but this year I’ve earned quite a few “miles,” Now, I know that some…

Lean? or Mean?

I was privileged to speak at a conference in San Francisco last weekend, sponsored by the American Society for Clinical Pathology. The topics focused on leadership in the clinical (medical) laboratory. After giving a presentation on 6S, I served asa…

Let Them Be Lean! – Um, What Does Lean Mean?

Over the years, I’ve come in contact with several different companies that say that they are “lean”.Yes, TPS (the Toyota Production System) is a great framework for production, with its teachings of one-piece flow, kanban, etc…but what about the actual…

Making Use of DFLSS to Cultivate a Shared Compute Farm

One approach to providing fast responses even with highly complex computations is distributed computing, or creating a shared compute farm. Making this work is a matter of integrating hardware, software and people resources. And DFLSS can help.

Managing to Standard Work in the Office

Fairbanks Morse Engine had to swallow a tough message from its customers: You are too slow and we are not going to take it anymore!Direct observation of the customer service staff revealed a consistent pattern of interruptions – 70 percent of the time they were unable to convert an order without interruption.

Manufacturers at DFMA Conference Credit Six Sigma for Economic Success

As rising industrial production drives the economic recovery, leading manufacturers detailed their successful rebound strategies at the 25th annual International Forum on Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA) in Providence, R.I.

Manufacturing Survey Finds Widespread Use of Lean Six Sigma, 5S, Kaizen

With manufacturers across the country looking to save costs in every place possible, it’s no wonder that Lean manufacturing and safety have become the cornerstone of financially responsible business practices. Saving thousands on inventory, resources and workers’ compensation claims, these…

Motorcycle Builder Promotes Lean Expert Matson-McCoy to VP, Operations

Lehman Trikes, a manufacturer of three-wheeled motorcycles, has promoted its quality and safety manager, Terree Matson-McCoy, to the position of vice president of operations.

My journey towards Lean

When I started in continuous improvement (CI) four years ago it was via the traditional Six Sigma DMAIC route. I was indoctrinated into the Six Sigma world and have earned my ASQ CSSBB and can do impressive stuff with statistics….

Phillips Industries Expands Mexico Plant Using Lean Principles

Phillips Industries has announced it is expanding its Saltillo, Mexico facility to over 70,000 sq ft to accommodate growth in sales. The extra space will allow the company to expand its trailer harness assembly line, improve process flow and offers…

Quality Industry Rallies Around ‘Toyota Way’

Members of the process improvement community have been quick to defend the vaunted Toyota Production System for which the motor vehicle company is so well known in the Six Sigma industry.

Resource Page: Takt Time

Takt time helps a company match production with customer demand. iSixSigma has gathered its best resources on the topic here.

Ron Pereira, One Piece Flow Video

LSS Academy’s Ron Pereira goes live with his first vlog (video blog). In this video Ron walks us through a “one piece flow” versus “mass production” simulation to showdifferences between the two approaches. Today with his first vlog, Ron also…

Roofing Company W.P. Hickman Expands to New Lean Facility

After making a $3 million investment and securing funding from the Economic Development Coalition for Asheville-Buncombe County, N.C., roofing firm W.P. Hickman Co. is poised to open its newly expanded Lean facility near Asheville, N.C., USA, on May 26.

Segue Manufacturing Hires Lean Expert as VP of Engineering, Quality

Segue Manufacturing Services, of Lowell, Mass., USA, is proud to announce Brian Desmarais as the new Vice President of Engineering and Quality. Brian comes to Segue with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field, centering on and around…

Sensei Sue???

I was talking with a group of people about leading lean, and someone asked me, “Are you a Sensei?” So of course I said “No!” I don’t call myself a Sensei, because I consider myself to be at the grasshopper-level…

Six Sigma Versus Lean

In this excerpt from the iSixSigma Discussion Forum, posters debate the differences between Lean and Six Sigma, and how the two can be used together.

Sleep Innovations' New COO West in Charge of Process Improvement

Sleep Innovations, a designer and manufacturer of foam bedding products, has hired Robert West as Chief Operating Officer to implement Lean practices across the enterprise.

Solving Decreasing Sales With Lean Six Sigma

Online retailer ABC has a strong market research unit and a seamless feedback loop for enhancing the customer experience. Despite the company's seeming responsiveness to customer feedback, sales had dropped significantly in the last few years. An external Lean Six Sigma consultant was invited by the CEO to guide ABC in improving their declining sales.

Take me out to the Gemba

By popular demand, words to an old favoritetunethat you can use whilewatching the Major League Baseball All-Star Game, at the Seventh-Inning Stretch: Take me out to the Gemba Take me out to the flow! Find me a Value Stream I…

The C Word

That would be… Consultants. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to speak about lean for clinical laboratories at the recent Leadership Exchange conference, hosted by the American Society for Clinical Pathology. In discussions during the conference, I was asked…

The Harada Method: Templates to Measure Long-term Goal Achievement – Part 2 of 2

The Harada method helps individuals achieve self-reliance that in turn facilitates a company’s process improvement journey. Part Two presents five templates to use to plan a goal, measure the goal’s progress and assess success.

The Many Sides of a Gemba Walk

Gemba walks at Fairbanks Morse Engine demonstrate the importance of the sometimes-overlooked basics of process improvement.

To QFD or C andamp; E when defining the VOC

For defining the ’VOC’ (Voice of the Customer), I typically use a QFD (Quality Factor Diagram) — Of recent, I have found that QFD’s can be hard to understand for some, while even more painful for belts to explain to…

Top Lean Six Sigma IT Trends to Come in 2011

As the calendar flips to 2011, several technology experts and software providers have made predictions about how Lean Six Sigma and other process improvement methodologies will shape IT departments in the coming year. Collected here are four of their forecasts for the next 12 months.

Toyota Program Offers TPS Expertise to Schools, Hospitals, Non-profits

At the recent Clinton Global Initiative meeting in Chicago, Toyota Motor Corp. announced the launch of a program that will teach its Lean-based Toyota Production System (TPS) guidelines to schools, hospitals and non-profits across the United States.

Tri-State Industries Grows with Lean Manufacturing

Tri-State Industries uses Lean to improve the processes of its trailer product line, which is challenged by mix, volume spikes and aggressive lead time expectations.

Trimming IT Fat with Lean Assessments

By mapping the entire software application development life cycle, IT departments can see dramatic improvements in efficiency.

Two Lean Authors Win Shingo Research, Professional Publications Awards

The authors of two books on Lean and leadership, published by the Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI), received Shingo Research and Professional Publication Awards at the 23rd Annual Shingo Prize Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Follow the Learner: The Role of…

TWOL (The Wastes of Lean)

A common way to learn principles or tools is to associate a word as an acronym. The seven/eight wastes of Lean is a great example of acronymic variation. I’ve come across five different words invented to illustrate the wastes of…

U.K. Ductwork Firm Senior Hargreaves Applies Lean for Site Expansion

Senior Hargreaves, a British ventilation ductwork manufacturer, has adopted Lean methodologies to help the company add 28,000 square feet of new space to its existing facility in Bury, Lancashire.?

U.K. Hovercraft Maker to Implement Lean at New Facility

Hovercraft manufacturer Griffon Hoverwork recently struck a deal to move from its main facility in Hythe, U.K., to a former Vestas wind turbine factory at Merlin Quay, near Southampton, which it plans to renovate using Lean techniques.

U.K.'s Prism Electronics Enhances Problem-Solving Skills with Lean Training

Undertaking NVQ business improvement training has helped staff at St. Ives (Cambridgeshire, U.K.) based contract electronics manufacturing services provider Prism Electronics Limited become better problem solvers.

United Arab Emirates Aviation Firm Expands Lean Six Sigma Program

Abu Dhabi Aircraft Technologies (ADAT), a Mubadala-owned firm that provides maintenance, repair and overhaul services in the aviation industry, has embarked on a comprehensive performance and quality enhancement program that will further hone its technical prowess and improve efficiency to boost revenues.

University of Oklahoma to Offer Free Lean Training to Businesses

The University of Oklahoma Lean Institute will officially launch its new Lean and Green training program for Oklahoma businesses in Fall 2010. Lean and Green teaches organizations how to identify and eliminate environmental waste from their own operations through three intensive days of training spread over 10 to 12 weeks.

Use Multiple Process Improvement Methodologies to Strengthen Results

The complementary nature of process improvement methodologies gives the practitioner an enhanced ability to solve many different problem sets.

Volcano Provides Tough Lesson for Europe’s Lean Organizations

By Randy Woods The rumbling and ash plumes have subsided for now over Europe’s skies, but the echoes from April’s Eyjafjallajökull volcanic eruption in Iceland are still being felt throughout the Lean supply-chain structures of the continent and across the…

When is Lean… Not Lean?

I have been thinking a lot lately about how the Toyota Production System was developed. Unlike those of us who have books, websites, and training programs in abundance, Toyota engineers took their process of assembly-line manufacture of automobiles and created,…

Why Lean Manufacturing Fails

A misunderstanding of the concepts of tools and their relationship to business processes – along with a name disadvantage – can lead to the downfall of a Lean implementation.

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