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Six Sigma Tools & Templates Affinity Diagram/KJ Analysis

Affinity Diagram/KJ Analysis

An Affinity for Organized Thinking: A Diagram With Many Uses

The humble affinity diagram can organize output from brainstorming, sort out overwhelming observations about a process, and inspire participation from a group.

An Affinity for Scope

Black Belt Mike is given his first project – Reduce Tray Jams. Mike's first task is to accurately define the project's scope to create that delicate balance between scope, time and resources.

Effective Use of Special Purpose KJ Language Processing

A "hidden" power of KJ analysis – a method of developing insight into themes and relationships among issues – is its ability to adapt to special uses.

Tree Diagrams for Six Sigma: Plain and Simple?

With the complexity of many of the tools in the Six Sigma kit, it is easy to look at tree diagrams as simple and routine. Experience shows, though, that there are pitfalls and frequently missed benefits. Follow these tips to make the most of four types of tree diagrams.

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