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Six Sigma Tools & Templates QFD/House of Quality

QFD/House of Quality

Bank Uses QFD to Increase Its Share of Equity Loans

Bank of the Southwest decided it was not getting its fair share of the equity loan business. A project team used QFD to design a new, much faster loan process. The result was an amazing 80 percent increase in bank customer equity loans.

Better Project Management Performance with Six Sigma

By applying Lean Six Sigma in a multi-generational model, a strong project management process can be developed. The DMEDI framework can help.

Ensuring Successful New Products and Services with QFD

A relatively simple process can bring structure, organization, weights and measures to the decision-making process for product and service development. Quality function deployment (QFD) is employed by many companies to guide their planning process.

QFD a Good Tool to Use for Avoiding Product Failure

A new product developer can avoid failure by discovering if an opportunity exists to provide customers with what they want. Using QFD can help determine the acceptance of a new product before development, production and marketing costs are incurred.

QFD Can Help to Create a Robust Request for Proposals

To be a successful vendor manager, a company must select the right vendor. The house of quality can help make the right choice.

QFD: When and How Does It Fit in Software Development?

Quality function deployment (QFD) is one of those tools that looks so nifty that many think “there just has to be a place to use this." Experience shows, care must be taken to ensure that QFD is applied in places and in ways that it really fits.

Quality Function Deployment for Competitive Advantage

The ability to truly listen to the voice of the customer and respond to it appropriately is one good definition of a successful business, a business with a competitive advantage. QFD helps translate customer requirements into business deliverables.

Software Quality Function Deployment

The QFD methodology can be utilized with common software quality considerations to create a hybrid software requirements elicitation model. This is consistent with Design for Six Sigma practices and can be applied in a high-reliability context compliant with ISO 9001, Capability Maturity Models, and other software industry standards.

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