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    Can any kind sole help with some ideas – to direct me:
    Need to do two a presentations on

    End of this week – on “Six Sigma” general principle to audience students, lectures and few professionals from industry.
    The other one on “TQM Vs Six Sigma”
          c. some information on “Pyzdek” and , “Harry” – would be useful too.
    Please recom. suitable books, articles or website. Familiar with Demings 14 points and DFSS DMAIC 17 points. Both presentations will be about 20 mins, long.
    Thanks in advance.



    These have been discussed several times here – use the keyword search on this site



    Here are two threads on “Six Sigma vs TQM” that I found searching by keyword (in the box to the right — not the top search box):


    Mike Carnell

    The Deming 14 points are interesting. He also did the 7 deadly diseases and Obstacles. I would present them before I engaged in some inane diatribe on TQM vs. Six Sigma and see if anyone in the ausdience gets it.
    This is only slightly more non-value added than the lean Vs. Six Sigma discussions.
    Is it to late to change schools?
    Good luck.


    RR Kunes

    First for TQM give one slide on this slide write TQM is DEAD!  Enough said.
    For six sigma you will find a wealth of information on this website sufficient to fill your needs.


    Chris Reding

    TQM Dead?  Well, at least the tools of TQM aren’t.  They’ve been dressed up and called six sigma (or a variety of other flashy names)!  There is a lot of similarity in both approaches; and, where they are different, each has it own advantages and dissadvantages.
    I find TQM to be much more flexible and adaptable.  TQM asks us to map it, measure it, improve it, then repeat (PDCA). Easily applied to almost any process.  6 sigma on the other hand, forces you to start with identifying a defect and calculating a sigma value.  For many processes (like sales, for example) it can be darn near impossible to come up with a meaningful “defect”. 
    They are also somewhat different in regards to focus.  TQM always begins with the customer.  6 sigma begins with the defect. 
    If 6 sigma has added anything (and I think it has) — it does tend to be a quicker route to improvement.  But, quicker isn’t always better… is it?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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