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    Hey guys

    I ask for a little help with my first Six Sigma project.
    Namely, it is a manufacturer who produces normal items.
    These are foiled and sterilized in one process.
    Using Six-Sigma, this process or rather the productivity and the OEE are to be increased.
    For a first overview, I have now created a SIPOC.


    Do you have any helpful tips for the following SIPOC!

    did i forget something?

    Best regards!





    I cannot see the process steps in the SIPOC.
    In a SIPOC Process steps should be written first then output and input is last.


    Many thanks for the help.

    The process steps are unfortunately completely abstracted / censored in the lower part of the SIPOC.

    Roughly these are the following steps:

    Recording object
    >Print Style
    >Printing / Labeling


    Mike Carnell

    Dave I wouldn’t worry about the SIPOC. Somebody wants you to improve OEE. That should be easy enough but it normally isn’t. People are going to want to argue about the calculation. Waste of time. Normally OEE is calculated in a way that assures someone who has OEE is going to get their bonus. Focus on the calculation.

    Normally OEE is the product of 3 numbers and they are normally percentages. Which means the number that is the lowest – OEE will never exceed that number. Fix it first.

    You can screw around with a SIPOC all day long but unless you are doing something that impacts Availability, Quality or Performance your OEE won’t move.

    This is why calculated metrics aren’t any good. Multiplying the 3 numbers is like an answer to a lazy managers dream. They always say “Give me one number” so OEE was created because managing 3 metrics was way to much effort. Cpk isn’t any different.

    Just my opinion.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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