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    Hi would anyone enlighten me on how the “Test difference” mean in the 2 proportions-Option in Minitab? Is it by default, the value is zero? And what does the zero means in this option? Can i input different value and how would the value impact on the analysis? The option window is shown as below:
    Confidence Level : 95%
    Test difference : 0.0
    Alternative : not equal



    I believe it is referring to the null hypothesis which would state that there is no statistical difference (ie the difference is 0.0) between the two porportions, while the alternate hypothesis states there is a statistical difference between the two proportions (ie Alternative: not equal).
    Zero refers to no difference.  Not equal refers to a true difference.
    Good luck.


    Ken Feldman

    In some cases you may wish to dive a little deeper and test whether there is a specific difference in proportion. Rather than just doing no difference or yes difference you may also wish to test whether the difference is some number such as 2% difference. You can also select an alternative that has one proportion greater than or less than (one tailed) rather than just plain different which is two tailed.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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