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    Sorry about those many posts for some reason every time I hit the space bar it submitted a new post….as I was saying its not been a good day to give up caffeine but maybe you’ll can help me out. I’ve been asked about sample size for a 2 way ANOVA. Here is the design…. its 2 factors, 10 levels in factor 1 and 4 levels in factor 2, the delta/sigma is .5, the min power level is .8 and the alpha level is .01. I don’t know anything about the design yet other then what I’ve given so I dont know why alpha = .01 and d/s = .5, I just know this is what the researcher is starting with. Minitab makes one-way anova a piece of cake, but doesn’t include a way to do 2 – way. Does anyone know how to get sample size for this design.Thanks, JamiePS if an admin can delete my annoying string of posts prior to this one I’d be much appreciative. 

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