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    1.The major difference between t tests and the analysis of variance is that the latter
    a. deals with multiple groups
    b. compares group variances
    c. makes different assumptions about the populations from which we sample
    d. none of the above
    2. Which of the following is not a critical element of the analysis of variance?
    a. the variance within each group
    b. the variance of the means
    c.  the variance of the total sample
    d. the difference between the means
    3. If we had the following pattern of population means (  mu1=mu2=mu3 does not = mu4) we would hope to conclude that
    a. the null hypothesis is false
    b. the null hypothesis is true
    c. the null hypothesis is confused
    d. the experiment will have very little power
    4. The analysis of variance compares
    a. the total variance to the variance within groups
    b. the toal variance to the variance between group means
    c. the variance between group means to the variance within groups
    d. the variance within groups to the variance among all data points
    5. In evaluating the F in the analysis of variance, we need to know
    a. the degrees of freedom for the between groups term
    b. the degrees of freedom for the within groups term
    c. only the total number of degrees of freedom
    e. both a) and b)
    any help and explanations would be greatly appreciated! thank you


    Allthingsidiot O

    I’m  sure  that  those  pretenders here like  stan,crrington  and Darth..etc will try  to  ignore your  message ,they  may  tell  you  as  usual (do  your  homework?).So  I  will  try  to  provoke (tease) them and  othersthrough  answering  those  questions (and  I  may  be  completely  wrong as  I’m  not expert  in  statistic?):1(c),2(d),3(b),4(a),5(e)
    good  luck 



    thank you! and this is actual a review for my final that i am a little confused on so i thought it would help to have the correct answers to study. i have four more questions that if you have time you could answer, but if not thats ok too.
    7. if the null hypothesis in the analysis of variance were true
    a. the variance would all be the same
    b.the sample means would all be the same
    c. the population means would all be the same
    d. every subset would have the same score.
    8. which of the following is a possible null hypothesis in an analysis of variance with 5 groups? (mu1 not equal mu 2 not equal mu 3 not equal mu4 not equal mu 5 or mu 1 not equal mu 2 equal mu 3 equal mu 4 equal mu 5
    a. the first one
    b. the second one
    c. both the first and second
    d. neither of these is  null hypothesis
    9. The Bonferroni procedure controls error rates by
    a. operating at a reduced level of alpha
    b. operating at an increased level of alpha
    c. not allowing you to make any comparisons unless the F is significant
    d. changing the error term
    10. A researcher found significant differences in the mean running speeds of sprinters wearing shoes made by Nike, Reebok, and Adidas using an analysis of variance. the n2 calculated on the basis of group membership (based on which shoes were worn) qualed .16. the value of n2 shows that
    a. the r value would be .4
    b. 84% of the variability in running speed is attributed to shoe brand
    c. 16% of the variability in running is attributed to shoe brand
    d. most of the factors influencing running speed are contained in the brand of the shoes worn by runners.
    thanks again



    With the greatest of respect, do you have a tutor to support your studies?
    If you do, I would answer the questions yourself, working through the theory and concepts behind each question.When you have done this, submit your work to your tutor. Discuss your answers with your tutor, in particular any questions that you have found difficult.
    Do not ask people who visit this forum to do your homework for you. You will learn nothing, and you run the risk of unqualified buffoons like AllthingsIdiot (O)? giving you bad advice



    Yup. DIY
    Else, you may clear your papers, but you’ll never learn!!



    Rpaul:When we were doing an exercise in FMEA and Process mapping, the “case study” was to open a hot dog stand. Most people would jump right in. When we did it with senior management, however, they started to define the entire enterprise specifically to outsource the entire operation, including negotiating fixed prices for variable costs. They also engaged in a bit of industrial espionage to find out what other groups were doing.They were a little disappointed to find out they had to do all the work themselves.Kate may have a bright future in management ;)Cheers, BTDT



    Hi, maybe somebody able help me with green belt project. I have no idea how it,s looks .I need copy of project for reference.Thanks



    like i said. one this is not homework and two obviously i don’t have a tutor or i wouldnt be asking here.


    Allthingsidiot O

    As  I  told  you  I  might  be  wrong,just  wait  to  receive  other answers.Ofcourse  I  will  try  to  answer  your  questions  but  I’m  not  an  expert.Good  Luck


    Allthingsidiot O

    I  may  guess for  questions  7&8 : c & d  






    For doing a Green belt project, one should be a greeen belt trained, You will start off with a Pain area & will start off with
    1) Project Charter – From & To statement, Scope, Process defect, Process which will be improved, Primary Y , Secondary Y & Counterbalance will be quantified, Entitlement thinking is encouraged here
    2) Process Map – HIgh level process Map, Inputs & outputs for each process, Controllable & un controllable will be marked
    3) C&E – You will prioritize the Inputs (x’s) on a metrix with the Outcomes on a scale of 1-10 & individual inputs on a scale of 0,1,3,& 9 to the C&E outcomes
    4) FMEA – You will further prioritize the Inputs (x’s) here, & quantify on a scale of 1-10 for severity, occurance & Detection & arrive at the RPN number
    5) Multi vari – Will validate the inputs prioritized from the FMEA statistically, and the you can SHOP for data (Survey,History & observing the process)
    6) Improve Plan – for all the prioritized x’s an action plan will be written down, to reduce the occurance & improve the detection, Nothing can be done to severity
    7) Control plan – you will control all the inputs and monitor the project Y here.
    One green belt project file will be too large hence dificult to send


    Allthingsidiot O


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