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    I am a lean manufacturing specialist.  We are trying to implement 5S Audit on IT Application.  Do you have a checklist to deploy or model to deploy.  This will still cover 5S but logical / software.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.



    L?S?S – you’re the specialist – why don’t you tell
    Also – if you are a specialist – what makes you
    think that a checklist or model has got any
    Why not start with “What do I need?” – that helps
    you through SORT phase. Once you’ve done that, come
    back and I’ll help you with the next S.Davy T


    Adam L Bowden

    Davy has a good point – let me add to it.You need to rise up and look at the business value stream like you
    would in manufacturing. At a high level … what is value added in
    delivering product/service that the customer is
    1) willing to pay for,
    2) transforms the thing that gooes to the customer
    3) is done right first time
    in the software / IT world – I’d say “very little” is VA.So this then leads to a dilemma … you can’t just chop out a lot of
    IT as the business would crumble. So if you look at the final state
    (to be) IT as a carved statue and you have the carving tolls then you
    are looking at the “as is” block to start with. There are some easy
    ones to go after that have impact to start with .. i.e 5S’ing their
    servers, setting up kanbans and unhooking the MPR system for
    Once you cut off / out the easy stuff then you might look at
    1) what else is not required (licenses, software, contracts, extra
    servers, etc etc
    2) look to outsource all IT (I can connect you with a consultant that
    can do this rapidly which will save approx 30% of IT costs.
    3) look strategically of how IT can add value in delivering product /
    service i.e transform their role from NVA to VA … i.e cut out what
    they do today and move them into creating better WWW tools for
    customers for your product, better WWW marketing, new ways of
    reducing the billing cycle electronically etc etcMy opinion is that just 5s’ing IT will not get you very far – sure it’s
    a mess but you need a higher level plan or else they will reject
    your short term “just clean house” event.Drop me a line or e-mail/skype me.Regards,Adam
    720 938 0321 (MST) skype adamlbowden

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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