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    Thomas Riner

    I wanted to know what other companies use to mark out equipment, fixtures, etc when implementing 5S.  When we train our folks in 5S we get them to use tape that corresponds with our color code to mark out items on the floor.  During training we teach that tape is only a temporary location indicator and that after several months, when everyone is confident the location of the item won’t change, that tape should be removed and replaced with painted lines. 
     Some of the areas that have implemented 5S have continued to use tape without any problems, however in other areas the tape is quickly damaged (tears) when heavy component carts roll over the tape.  In the areas where the tape is being damaged their efforts to “Sustain” are being put at risk (i.e. employees don’t want to have to keep replacing tape).
    We are receiving questions on how other company’s paint their lines.  We want to know specifically how other compaies paint their lines.  Do you use a machine, or do you just use a bucket and a paint brush?   How often do you have to repaint your lines?   When you move work cells to a new location do you have a hard time getting the paint up off the floor?  Is management onboard with painting permanent lines on the floors? 



    Hi Thomas
    In one of my previous companies we were following 5S very sincerely. We used to use Tape as well as Paints. Paint used to be pretty expensive and used to get worn off with the movement of trolleys – there was no fix to that so what we started doing is we started educating people regarding not taking the trolleys over the lines and tapes. Gangways had to be painted twice a year – We had outsourced the task to a vendor for painting and maintaining the lines. Where it used to be temporary it was tapes else paint. What we had also used was over hanging Right Location boards – on which the details of the things to be kept over there were available.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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