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    Hi. I am in service industry and a newbie to the 6 sigma world. I would like to go for 6 sigma certification but related to services industry only. Can somebody guide me on this please? Is there any particular certification for 6 sigma in services as I am sure the general rules of 6 sigma for manufacturing might not apply for the services industry.


    Norbert, MBB

    why do you write “service industry only”?
    Six Sigma in Service often is much more difficult than in manufacturing and additional (soft) skills are needed to make a project sccessful. It’s not that easy to convince people to work in a different way based on statistics and minitab only (but of course you need statistics in services too).
    To my experience within GE and different other (Service) industries for BB certification you do need:
    * completed BB training* passed BB exam* successfully completed 2 (DMAIC) projects led by the BB
    This is valid for manufacturing and service industry,
    But you are correct: Join a “Lean Six Sigma for SERVICE” Education/ Training if you work in a Service environment because Industrial Lean Six Sigma trainings often lack the relevant people tools.
    Good luck in your new role and for your certification.Best, Norbert

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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