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    I have just started 6 sigma black belt training and I need do complete one project as a requirement for my ASQ certification.
    My main concern is that the project needs to be completed by end of February so it can’t be too complex and it must be successful.
    My last day of class is 2/21/07 and the next ASQ exam is 3/3/07.
    Any ideas?


    Duke Okes

    Pick & start a project now, rather than waiting till class is over.
    Create a list (portfolio) of potential projects, and evaluate each of them against criteria such as: complexity, likely calendar time required, potential payoff, interest to (support from) key players, etc.
    If you’re inside an organization ask them to help create and evaluate the list.  If you’re outside, approach organizations to find someone who is interested, and offer to do it for a small fee as a learning opportunity.



    Do you have some years of experience in change, process improvement etc in a real organisation?
    If yes – you should find selection of a project relatively easy – there’s always huge opportunity.
    If not – my advice would be to complete your training, then have 2-3 years applying the tools, methodologies, then go for certification.
    You could be another guy who has been misled to believe that you will be an expert (Black Belt) by sitting an exam. This type of certification is worthless – it has no substance.
    Good luck with the project and exam anyway.



    Agree.Certification without  experience  is  nothing??



    To evan take the ASQ exam you must have atleast 1 completed project & 2-3 years of exp. Or Two completed projects.


    Chris Ely

    I’d suggest building a value stream map or, possibly, a slightly lower level map of an area or process that has historically been a high producer of scrap/rework, doesn’t meet takt for the time available (always expediting or working overtime) or where there may be a lack of understanding of the technology being used – no clear path fwd. when the process undergoes unplanned stops.
    Projects like this can give you a chance to use DOE, msa studies, regression analysis, etc. Also, I find that mapping is a real benefit to those involved – you’ll have to ask meaningful questions and find out who knows what to build a decent map. Opportunities, I’m sure, will present themselves.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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