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    Hello everybody!
    I work in my company as Lean Manager and future Black Belt.
    Now I am in the middle of Black Belt training. I am leading the project team that has following task to solve:
    “Lowering the level of employees rotation from 30% (per year) to 5%.” (we don’t know what is the main cause of leaving company by people)
    Does somebody have similar problem or idea how this project should be begin?



    certainly a big one !
    anyways i have worked on the same in one of my assignments
    you may like to get the various independent variables ready…..probably start with brainstorming
    Turnover is dependent on = age on board, employee rating, his rating on esat survey, basic salary, number of days he was trained, his performance in last quarter, leaves taken, sex, department, grade, incremental increase in salary as told for next job, migratory or a non migratory source and the list goes on
    To add personality factors you may like to include factors like His need for achievement rating, need for power rating, his rating for his immediate supervisor, and rating on organization policies etc etc.
    You would be able to come up with few of these factors which influences decision to leave
    Check out few empirical research findings at paid sites like academy of management etc



    Did your HR collect any feedback from those resigned staff? Money is always the prime factor.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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