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    Thanks for your post. With any methodology, there are both positive and negative aspects. When people post questions, I am just trying to give the background and insight into the purpose and the intended use of the 8Ds. The material that was included in the original manual was a small fraction of what I was thinking about the methodology and the tools.
    Unfortunately, Ford has used it in a very punitive manner. I believe this is based on the ignorance of the management group ( Trotman, Nasser, etc.) and an unwillingness to partner with suppliers.
    As far as the IP on the original TOPS manual (1987), I don’t see any basis for KT claims. However, there was a “version” put together by the “Management and Technical Training Dept.” in 1988. I was told that this course was for senior managment. When this manual was shown to me, I remember thinking this is all KT. This manual started with a case study on ceiling fans and focused almost entirely on decision analysis. At the very end of the manual, they took some selected pages from the TOPS manual for reference to the 8Ds. Their focus was to force the 8Ds into merely a problem reporting system. Sadly, they were very successful. The really tragic part is they used the same title and manual cover page from the 1987 TOPS manual. I can readily see a lawsuit and award from a judge on this version of TOPS. But, I still stand on what I said about the original manual published by the Powertrain Division.
    Thanks again Mike.
    Eileen Beachell                                                                               Quality Disciplines


    Mike Carnell

    I think most  of the people on this site appreciate getting a glimpse of the history, particularly when you get it first hand from the originator.
    Thank you.

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