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    I am the only Black Belt currently certified at my company. I work for a large, national PPO in the Midwest.  I was selected by the COO to be trained and to lead the Six Sigma movement.  My project was to be used as a litmus test for future Six Sigma projects. 
    However, after several toll-gate reviews on my first project the initiative began to lose steam. The champions and higher up’s fell short.  I completed one project that became a major success.  The company has since been sold and the initiative has been tabled. 
    My passion is to continue to do this kind of work but i am having a terrible time securing work because know one seems to want a Black Belt who’s experience is based on one project.  However, i have an incredible amount of experience in research, aquired long before I began my corporate career.  My interest is healthcare…..Does anyone have any advice or strategies to help me secure work in this area?  I would sincerly appreciate any advice. Thank You

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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