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    There are many organizations which are giving certifications for blackbelt. Is there any common standard which they follow so that their certifications  have a crediblity?



    Tom Pyzdec’s IQF is currently in the process of standardizing the certification process.  Personally, I think the BOK should be standardized ONLY where concepts apply across the board (Project mgmt, financial apps)…etc. My proposal is that there could be different types of certifications such as Finance Black Belt, Manufacturing Black Belt, Service Industry BlackBelt…etc.  Each certification would have common concepts and specialized concepts depending on area of specialization.  Just a few thoughts.



    Let’s see –Pyzdek is a consultant making money off of his brand of Six Sigma is offering an unbiased certification?ASQ is a non profit offering certification and doing for profit consulting in competition with their own members.ISSSP is independent or is it BMG? and is talking about a certification.Seems that everyone is really in it for themselves with ASQ in the biggest conflict of interest because of their historic mission. Pzydek seems to have the next biggest conflict — just go look at the high level, God and motherhood mission statement for IQF. ISSSP probably is not really a player at all.It’s all a joke.


    Ken K.

    Even two people with identical degrees from identical universities can have quite different capabilities, strengths, weakness, and areas of expertise. The same is going to be true for two Black Belts.
    What is the driving force for this common standard?
    Is the desire for “certification” based upon a potential employer’s need to easily weed through a plethora of applications? Get real. Even if every single applicant attended the exact same training classes, there will be that natural variation plus the varied backgrounds which will make some applicants more capable than others.
    I’ve been in the Six Sigma Black Belt business as long as it has existed. I appreciate the need for standardization within a company, but I just don’t see why standardization is necessary between companies.

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