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    Jim Parnella

    This consultant you are quoting sounds like a real bird-brain. Either that, or he knows absolutely nothing about Six Sigma. He is WRONG for each and every comment that he made. It’s not even worth expending my effort putting him (her) down.

    Let’s presume that there will not be too many responses here. Probably because his (her) ignorance doesn’t dignify any responses. But since I didn’t want to let you down, I’ve supplied my response (so at least you could get at least one response).




    I agree with Jim.
    But I’m not sure I understand the purpose of Mark’s original posting? Are you trying to say that one of the “Leading Consultants” believes that Six Sigma is a money making scam for consultants? By “Leading Consultants” I’m assuming its a firm that specializes in deployment and training? Does this person not believe that they have chosen the proper career? If he/she doesn’t believe in what he/she is doing, how do they look themselves in the mirror? Surely there are better “money making scams” out there? I feel sorry for anyone that has received Six Sigma training from that consultant!!!



    Hi Folks,

    What follows are the views of a “Six Sigma” consultant. (Not mine !)

    I find them quite “interesting” .. pls read and reply.

    I quote from the “horses mouth” ….

    “Six Sigma is the current fad, its day will pass” …
    “Six Sigma is only a quality initiative, its not good at covering all the business areas ” …
    “Ah yes, that Six Sigma is all about high volume, continuous manufacturing processes” …
    “The measure and analyse based approach does not provide solutions for process improvement” …
    “The success of Six Sigma is really just good change management & leadership” …
    “Lets face it, the detail is heavy and boring” …

    Well … what do you think about those pearls of wisdom ??!!

    I guess all that you can say is, “In life, just like in math class, you dont know, what you dont know”.

    Hope this “spurs” some good replies.





    Thanks for the replies.

    To paint the picture a little better, i have been involved with 6 Sigma for some 5 / 6 years. The comments that i quoted were from a man who professes to be able to facilitate a 6 Sigma programme at my organisation !!! I was in a board level meeting, and this guy was presenting his case for involvement in the program. I was ready to BURST by about the 5th minute of this guys speach. The sad thing is that the rest of the board members seem to think this individual has his finger on the pulse !!! And seeing as how i am not at board level, i am badly positioned to take the initiative and turn the whole direction of the ship by myself. I personally feel this guy is a total fraud, and should be avoided like the plague …
    However, this is the problem in Europe, these johnny come lately TOP CONSULTANTS (HA HA) are all jockeying for a piece of the action. I can only sit in silence while this organisation “messes this up ….”
    I am totally frustrated with this position.




    sridhar kadambi

    I agree with you and others who have posted a reply to your statement. I understand your position there, something of the same sort is happening here, do you wish to discuss further with me. If so catch me on my mail I.D [email protected].
    I’ll wait for your reply




    In reality, those views sound like the senior management staff at my company. Rather sad and pathetic without really understanding the six sigma concept….




    Don’t despair. What you are experiencing is very commonplace (unfortunately) in the quality profession. Many “charlatants” exist in our field. The best to get to the board to notice that this consultant is not with it is with EVIDENCE. State your case as to why you feel the way you do (show proof from your own experiences with Six Sigma). This is NOT an easy thing to do! But I know it works, because I have done it. I speak from personal experience that it is better to “speak (to the board) now or forever hold your peace.”



    I have been in similar situations a number of times. Your consultant is not completely wrong when he says six sigma is not new. Nevertheless, six sigma brings together
    1) Statistics being the most rational way of looking at figures
    2) The fact that you should always have the distribution of your characteristics, well within the specification
    3) Link that with project managment.

    The best way deal with that is “consistancy of purpose” (as Deming said). When you keep on using statistics, having good results thanks to good DOEs and other analysis and have good success stories to expose to managment they will end up understanding it is not just
    the new quality toy.

    Of course this takes a long time and needs explanations and proofs “again and again”


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