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    Gary Cone

    From my blog @ http://blog.gpsqtc.comThe presidential politics have got me intrigued. Obama wasn’t
    going to take donations; McCain was going to stay on the high
    road. Obama hangs out with Bill Ayers; McCain hangs out with G.
    Gordon Liddy. ……..Who cares guys? I live in metro Detroit and people here are worried
    about food and shelter and having to leave the place they grew up
    and love. Yes, economies and power shifts in the US and in the
    world, but there are some basic truths we have to face regardless of
    who is the 44th president of the United States.The basic truths –1) We are in debt as a nation, and most of that debt has been
    accumulated because of our consumption – of oil from people who
    hate us and consumer goods from a communist regime with a poor
    human rights record. Realistically our children will pay for the debt
    we have incurred. Either candidate can affect this and it has to be a
    combination of reduced spending and increased revenue. If we did
    a pareto of entitlements, cost of war, and all of the legacy costs;
    the legacy costs overshadow both by a huge margin. Entitlements
    would be shown in the other category. It does not mean we should
    not get rid of entitlements or figure out how to limit the cost of
    war, but these are not the big-ticket items.2) We need to switch from fossil fuels and that is true whether or
    not you believe in global warming and the effects of pollution.
    Quite simply, they are a finite resource. We knew that clearly in the
    70’s and we have not done enough about it. Either presidential
    candidate can put a vision out there to be energy independent by
    2020 and to be 100% renewable energy by 2030. The technology is
    there, but the infrastructure build out will take time and money.
    Our friends in Canada and Brasil will achieve independence in the
    near future, maybe we should be talking to them.3) The price of gas and food has risen and will remain high. Not
    because big oil is gouging us and not because corn is being used
    for ethanol, but because there is an emerging middle class in
    China, Russia, Viet Nam, Poland, Brasil, Mexico, … The middle class
    is driving more cars and eating more meat. The laws of supply and
    demand say the costs will go up and they have. Neither
    presidential candidate can affect this.4) America lags the world in education of our children. This is not
    true for every child or every school district, but it is truer than it is
    false. To power the move to energy independence, we will need
    more engineers and scientists, which means better math skills. We
    will need to fund this while we are reducing the cost of government
    in general. We will need to assure it is happening without a
    massive agency to enforce it. Both Senators McCain and Obama
    have a good education and know what a good education looks like.
    They should think about talking about this every time they talk
    about anything – that has tremendous power. If you need advice
    on how to act like that, ask Jack Welch.5) Every human being deserves good health care and it is not the
    reality of the United States. I propose we lock all of the Congress in
    the capital and tell them not to come out until they have a plan
    that will get good health care to every human being on US soil.
    And the budget to go with it (revenue – spending > 0). Either
    presidential candidate can affect this. 0). Either
    presidential candidate can affect this. 0). Either
    presidential candidate can affect this.I am sure there are things that should be added to this list, but I
    am positive I have hit the vital few. Why am I writing this on a blog of a guy who has dedicated his
    career to Operational Excellence®? Two reasons – I have been
    thinking about this fairly constantly since the last debate and I
    know that my life and yours must go forward regardless of the
    outcome. I also know I would not want to be anywhere other that
    the US regardless of who wins.My passion is seeing improvement happen, whether it is making a
    factory run well or a financial forecast drive less waste. I think
    those of us who are driven to do this are kind of like that chemical
    company that does not make products; they make products better.
    We don’t make systems and processes; we make systems and
    processes better. We are probably not the ones who will create the
    solar cell that will make the cost per kW equal to the cost from a
    coal fired power plant; but we could well be the ones that make the
    process run in such a way that the theoretical cost per kW is
    achieved. Think about the energy and passion around the debates
    and figure out how you can contribute to the achievement of
    moving us closer to a better place on any of the five issues above.
    And think about it everyday, not every four years.To those of you who do not live in the US, I sincerely hope you feel
    the same way about your country and will align your skills with
    making the next generation better.By the way, any of you trying to figure out how to make a billion
    dollars off of the transition probably are not the right folks to put
    proper processes in place.Gary


    Robert S

    Wow, Gary. Impactful statements at an altitude from which we should presently be looking. Going to have to absorb them a bit but appreciate your posting them.


    A Voice of Reason?

    Here is also a proposal to help out middle class america with an emergency plan NOW.
    1.  Drop the social security taxes on the first $90k+ by a third on both the employer and the employee….(10% instead of 15+%)
    2.  This must be replaced with something so…A.  Expand the range of social security taxes to higher incomes and B.  Create an emergency “homeland security” tax on all shipments coming into the US.  This flat tax of X$ per shipment would be to allow for protecting of american jobs by shoring up unemployment and the lost social security revenue.  The flat tax would be less onerous on high value added goods we were importing but would bring back jobs exported to Mexico and SE Asia by impacting the lower valued products.  The flat tax will be a low % of high value added items and a higher % of low value added items.
    3.  Impress on americans they must begin to purchase more goods made in north america!  Leadership by the next president on this is needed!
    Yes, Smoot Hawley would be mentioned but we aren’t talking about a punitive tax.  Companies can decide if they want to employ americans or subsidize jobs taken away. 


    Ken Feldman

    Gary, you make a lot more sense than Stan who continues to babble on.  Hopefully your words will strike a resonance with him.


    Happy Middle Eastern

    1st, As a happy non immigrant but legal residant middle eastern black belt with lots of oil in his origin contry,( acually I dont have any home contry after moving for 4 times !!) I declare that we are willing to invite Stan, Darth and other SS gurus to come to our region and make our Oil related process better, so it will be cheaper, we will be happy then all will be happy.
    2nd, I am not sure if I can have any suggestion how to get rid of the middle calss people. But, as far as I know they don’t eat much in India and China, maybe less than 1/20th of the developed contries. (plus minus 3 sigma :-)
    last but not least, I am not gonna vote cause I am not a citizan, but I will indorse Sara Palin (she is hot!!!)


    Gary Cone

    Hope springs eternal.



    I get the feeling Gary/Stan is much like the new Christian Slater TV drama. Therefore, a clever comment Darth.


    Ken Feldman

    Gary appears to be a well spoken professional with Stan being the obnoxious man of many insults who we love and adore.  Nobody can be that schizoid and survive.  I vote for Gary to post more and Stan less unless somebody really needs an axx chewing then Stan can come back.


    Ken Feldman

    1st, As a happy non immigrant but legal residant middle eastern black belt with lots of oil in his origin contry,( acually I dont have any home contry after moving for 4 times !!) I declare that we are willing to invite Stan, Darth and other SS gurus to come to our region and make our Oil related process better, so it will be cheaper, we will be happy then all will be happy.  If life is so good in the homeland, why did you come to the US instead of staying in your beloved country…where ever that is?  Why do so many want to immigrate to the US especially the Muslims if we are all heathens and unworthy of being alive?  The price of oil has nothing to do with the cost of production or the efficiency of the process.  It is a strictly supply and demand and arbitrary process designed to maximize the profits of the despots in charge so they can hang on to their dictatorships.  Talk about greed and screwing the population, OPEC is the role model.  Now Iran, Russia and all the other countries that Bush has pixxed off are planning to create a natural gas version of OPEC.  That is the urgency for alternative power so all those clowns who would be still living in tents instead of palaces where it not for the luck of where they settled can then eat and drink their oil and blow fart bubbles with their gas.
    2nd, I am not sure if I can have any suggestion how to get rid of the middle calss people. But, as far as I know they don’t eat much in India and China, maybe less than 1/20th of the developed contries. (plus minus 3 sigma :-)  I don’t see anything wrong with having multiple classes. It is function of nature and the concept of variation.  The problem is that if one class suffers while the other prospers it is a breeding ground for discontent and revolt.  Socialism and communism are concepts that haven’t worked.  There must be incentive to prosper but not at the total disregard for others.
    last but not least, I am not gonna vote cause I am not a citizan, but I will indorse Sara Palin (she is hot!!!)  No argument there and if that was the sole criterion for a successful leader, I would be there right with you.  Unfortunately, I sense we will be having some Booty in the White House whether we like it or not.


    Darth is that you

    Was that really you because it didn’t sound or look like it.


    Ken Feldman

    Yep, that’s me all right.  The recent headlines and crap that has befallen us in the US with impact worldwide has created some real anger.  And as Anakin found out, once you give in to the anger you are drawn to the Darkside.  Now is the time for all the Sith to rise once again and invade Mexico.  That way we corner the market on Tequila.  Watch the world sweat now.  Go ahead and drink your stink’in oil…we don’t need no stink’in oil, we have all the tequila.  OK, I feel better now, thanks.  Now do ya believe it is me?????



    And you think I have a dark side?Kudos on the tequila – central American rum is pretty damn good
    too – just ask Carnell. That Gary guy sounds like a socialist – probably would vote for a
    libertarian if it was clear Obama would win. I vote for more crxx to
    the dilitants.


    Another happy non American

    Hey Darth,
    You crow about how North Americans can have a debate like this without fear of the government swooping on you, you invite comments from others around the world and then you scathingly dismiss Middle Eastern culture and history as folks ‘living in tents’ (you count with Arabic numerals don’t you? They have contributed more than oil).
    The Happy Middle Eastern corresponent you reply to does not unambiguously say they are living in the USA, it could be interpreted as meaning they are in the ME.  You assume they are in the USA but there are other great countries where people may chose to live.  And don’t forget, USA is a nation of migrants.
    The overwhelming impression the USA gives to the rest of the world is one of arrogance.  To be sure, this is largely because you can.  But it doesn’t win friends and influence people.  The world is watching the US presidential campaign with interest, perhaps what we’d like is a president who recognises that we are here and we might be friendly if given a chance.



    uh-oh…The mod-gods did not like my poster…


    Happy Middle Eastern

    Hey Darth,
    I am sure that you are old enought to know that your post was not very mature, I am realy dispointed. I think Stan is a much better person.
    viva Satn ….
    Happy Middle Eastern


    Ken Feldman

    The “ugly American” label is one that has been reinforced by the current administration.  Yes, the US is a land of immigrants which reinforces my point, that as bad as we seem to be, I would imagine many more folks would bail out of their country and settle here if the respective governments allowed it.  And of course, my ancestors came from Europe as well to escape the Nazis.  Interestingly enough, I had a long conversation this weekend with a Native American.  His take on immigration is a bit different.  We are still nothing but invaders and usurpers in his eyes.
    Certainly ME culture and many other cultures are rich in history.  But, be honest with yourself, if the oil revenue did not exist, what other indigenous industries are there that could support the current socioeconomic status of the ME?  Is there industry?  Are there any other natural resources?  What other significant items are exported?  Granted, the cultures of the ME, the Greek, the Roman, the Egyptian and others provided the foundation for modern civilization.  But, then there is the ugly side as well.  How do the moderates and intellectuals live with what goes with the Taliban and al Qaeda?  What if Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Jordan and Lebanon were really democracies?  Would things change?  Or do people in that part of the world feel that what they currently have is the best form of government for them?


    Ken Feldman

    Now I know that you are crazy….liking Stan better than me :-).  But, you didn’t answer any of my comments.  Let’s try to keep the thread about issues and divergent points of view.  Contradict what I say and give your opinion.  That’s the essence of debate.


    Another happy non American

    Thats more like the Darth I’ve come to respect – presenting a reasoned argument.
    I wouldn’t say all north Americans are ‘ugly’ – most that I’ve met have been broad minded and knowledgable (but then again, those are the ones who have escaped ; )! )  Its your governments’ foreign policy that is the problem, not citizens of the USA per se.
    I’ve lived in the ME for a while and agree that they are totally dependent on oil & gas for their current wealth.  But is that reason to belittle them?  And while their system of government (effectively a consultative monarchy in the country I lived in) is more restrictive than a democracy, it seemed to work quite well, essential services were proved for everyone, it was steadily becoming more liberal and it wasted no money or time on electioneering.
    You may have freedom of speech in the USA but are you really aware that your political debate takes place in a narrow right wing section of the world wide political scale.  ‘Liberal’ and ‘socialist’ seem to be insults in the USA whereas they are virtues in many places.  Agree with them or not, they deserve a proper place in the debate.
    And by the way, north American born again christians can look quite frightening to foreigners! 


    Citizen of Earth

    I am sure it’s unwise to introduce such a topic here!
    I would rather think isixsigma forum lives as a respectable worldwide Six Sigma Professionals platform instead of an irresponsible political insulting catharsis stage to others.
    I am sure these sick sentences will counteract my worship to this forum.


    Ken Feldman

    Unfortunately, it is the American people that elect the politicians making the foreign policy so the “Peope” share some of the blame for policy gone astray. 
    I don’t belittle the fact that the ME has a monopoly on oil.  I am concerned that they are not using the wealth to prepare for the future.  They seem to be using it as a political weapon, a way to keep the despots in power and to maintain the distinction between the haves and have nots.  At least places like Dubai are trying to develop a national income independent of oil.
    I guess political structures are like Situational Leadership.  You use whatever works best for the population you govern.  Much of the problems in Africa may have been due to trying to turn a British colony into independent democratic capitalist societies without any preparation, education or practice.  I see similarities in Iraq where decades of dictatorship were replaced overnight by a democratic model.  It isn’t easy running a democracy and it was probably naive to expect the Iraqis to transition perfectly and quickly.  I imagine there would be similar disasters like in Lebanon if everyone in the ME went democratic.  Very complicated.

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