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    @aaronolson I caught a comment you made about what you perceive as the SS methodology based on tools. SS is a thought process. It has been turned into a set of tools so people who do not understand it can sell certification. You haven’t been on this site long enough to see that what has happened to the SS industry is it has shifted focus from deploying SS to certification to a set of tools. Much different issue.

    Years ago I wrote an article for isixsigma that explained this. This is the link:
    Now that it has been turned into a set of tools exclusively people have it in their heads that if you stray from that set of tools it isn’t Six Sigma Methodology. That is nonsense but the advantage is you can hire less qualified people to teach and be your MBB’s.

    This is a thought process. It doesn’t live or die by any particular tool. So if you have thoughts that you found a tool you like or are comfortable with use it. I will guarantee you this if you fix a problem and you use some tool that some MBB somewhere doesn’t like the only person that will care will be the MBB. Management just wants problems to go away. For good.

    Now if you want to get dragged into the 1.5 sigma shift fight you probably deserve the misery. I have published on this site since 2001 that if you want to know long term capability them measure it. We mention it in training simply so people are aware of it. Your Long term capability will be less than you short term unless your process is in perfect control. You want to know how much different – take data.

    Good luck



    Thanks for the advice. I am assuming that you picked up that comment from a post from almost 3 (or more) months ago. (Or maybe there’s another Aaron out there?) My thoughts have changed a bit after some experience and seeing some commentary from those that have been through it for a while.

    I would agree with you that it is a thought process and not a group of tools. To be frank, apart from my certification project, I don’t even mention the whole six sigma thing. I’ve begun lumping it all into one Continuous Improvement/Problem Solving bucket that includes so-called Six Sigma and Lean tools. I’ve found that no one cares about what it’s called as long as it works and so therefore I won’t waste my time or anyone else’s arguing about it.

    I appreciate the insight.


    @aaronolson It was from a while ago. I said what I had to say on that string so there was no reason to get involved again.

    I like your thoughts on it just being treated as one Continuous Improvement package. You are occasionally going to run into people who call themselves “purists” but at the end of the day they are really less beneficial to an organization that someone who chooses not to worship at a single alter.

    We went through a time in the 80’s where a certain car manufacturers SQE used to love to announce that they were a Taguchi Design house. Actually a pretty stupid statement. Grab a copy of Robert “Bob” Launsby’s book “Straight Talk on Designing Experiments.” There are lots of options and it costs you nothing to be aware of them.

    As long as you can fix problems you will have a job and for the most part nobody will care how you did it.

    Good luck.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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