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    I am new to Six Sigma and have found that I am drawn to learning more about it every day and am pursuing a career in process improvement. I am currently enrolled in Villanova BB course, I am not thoroughly impressed thus far though it was my only option. I am hoping I can find a mentor in my area (St. Louis) to help me along the way. I have read quite a few of the threads here and had already begun some of the advice given on searching for via non-profits and the chamber of commerse though it has been slow thus far.
    My questions are: How does one get around the seemingly obvious fact that Villanova trainees are unhireable? Are there any companies that come to mind as or referrals that are willing to mentor willing and dedicated learners? And how might I go about finding a mentor that can help me become a great not good BB?

    Thanks in advance for your feedback.


    Doug Coenson

    First, like in any industry, education only gets you so far. I am not familiar with Villanova’s program but I’m sure like many educational institutions it is very academic and theoretical in nature. Doing projects and getting real experience is what really makes you a great GB, BB, or MBB. I believe a great BB is one that does not try to fit every tool to every project, rather he/she learns the different disciplines of Six Sigma (DMAIC, DFSS, and Lean). One will soon find that by knowing the different tools embedded in these disciplines that he/she will often use a hybrid approach and learn to use the necessary tools for each project — you don’t need to use a wrench to change a light bulb. I would also focus on basic project management. I find that it is usually not because of the level of understanding Six Sigma that separates the good from the great, but those that are great utilize strong project management and consulting skills. Feel free to contact me at 561-315-2120 if you’d like to discuss further.


    Mike Carnell

    @11b2p I am not sure about the details of the company currently but in the late 90’s Emerson Electric Motors did a SS deployment and there were some very good people there who might be interested in mentoring you. I am sure ASQ has at least one or more chapters in the area. You could also contact them and see if someone can help you out.

    If none of that works see if there is a volunteer type thing going on in your area where you can do a project. You can get a lot of help right here.



    @dougc Thanks for the feedback, it is very much my thinking as well. I have been focusing a lot of energy on learning the right time for each tool as it would be wasteful to use more than needed. Also it adds to project time and I am a firm believer that form follows function. I have already planned on taking PMP prep once this course is complete and get my CAPM(lower lvl PMI cert) to show I have a strong understanding of the project management while I accrue creditable hours for PMP.
    I have learned from experience that soft skills of managing projects are virtually as important as knowing the tools that are required to complete them. With this in mind I have developed a training plan (at least academic) to shore up my knowledge of the concepts.

    @mike-carnell I will do some research and see what I can find on Emerson Electric Motors, my ideal state would be to get on with a company that has a strong SS program and learn through experience.
    There is a branch in St. Louis and I have already made somewhat of an introduction to the director of the local chapter recently so that could prove an excellent option.

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