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    I want to know whether to follow product, service or person when doing current/future state maps for a 3PL warehouse industry? Please advise.


    hugo leblanc

    Off course, Value Stream Mapping combined with a TAKT Time analysis in a 3PL Warehousing environment is of added value in order to lean the processes and balance the resources capacity.



    I know that value stream is used to find out non value added activities. I was asking in a warehousing application do you follow a product, service or a person. Currently in our environment we have inbound, storage, picking, staging and outbound and since this is not a manufacturing process where the products get assembled and you follow a family of product to do value stream. How do you go about doing value stream mapping in a warehouse with the above procesess in a warehouse.
    Thanks for the help


    Ovidiu Contras

    As the name states, VSM is about mapping how the value flows through your processess. So:
    1. Define value – from the customer perspective – is it the service? is it the physical product?
    2. Follow the value – how it flows through your processess – if it is the physical product, follow the operations involving the product
    3. Follow the information that makes the value move from one operation to the other
    4 Put the timeline at the bottom, corresponding to (2)
    Hope this helps


    Dr. Mikel Harry

    You need to identify first what direct output do you give to your customers. If it is a tangible product, then the VSM must follow the product flow then along each vaue stream/process, you need to identify the standards to be set for the product (e.g. in terms of quality), service (e.g. in terms of time), and other reosurces (e.g. in terms of utilization, efficiency, others)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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