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            I need some suggestions. I have a plan to applying QFD in designing the software test case. I strongly believe that QFD is going to be very helpful in designing the test cases. But i dont know how to start about this. Can anybody suggest some casestudies, comments or papers which help me.
    thanks in advance


    John Su

    1) Decide the characters that should be evaluated for the software product;
    2) Find out the factors that have relationship with these characters. Try to get the quantitative relationships between the factors and charactors and then calculate out the factors important index.
    3) For each fatal factor, there should be a typical test plan that can be used to detect it.
    I think, for a kind of software products, there should be a set of typical charaters, typical factors, and so tipical test plans/tools.



    If you understand QFD I am not sure what value the case study would bring. You follow the steps and it will bring through to the end. If you need a reference on QFD I like “QFD Integrating Customer Requirements into Product Design” by Yoji Akao ISBN 0-915299-41-0.
    If you need to talk to a cyber type of guy try Mark Wood at [email protected]. He understands Computers and SS as well.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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