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    Six sigma that is innovative can be achieved through Innovative Design for Six Sigma(I-DFSS). I-DFSS is methodological way of innovative thinking for an operation to be formed with analytical tools used for designing products, processes and services. The total enterprising feature consists finally of a single coordinated effort which aims to reduce development and cycle time, targets zero –defects in final process outcome and produces better overall results.
    Design and development processes sometimes work independently. IDFSS integrates processes with six sigma tools while giving way to innovative thinking. Tactfully it brings about a force of change in the organization while strategically, a further structural methodology of combining IDFSS with TRIZ/IDEATION is required. IDFSS with six sigma enables user to solve insolvable problems, resolve arguments in design, lessen lead times in services, processes and products. It reduces errors, cuts costs, improves customer satisfaction to a great extent by producing next generation products by certain evolutionary patterns.
    The process which is designed by the IDFSS can create design of higher levels where the performance can be better and better than the ones which are developed individually. The DFSS
    Procedure does the following.
    Drives the customer oriented design process with six sigma capability.
    Predicts design quality at the outset.
    Matches top down requirements flow down with capability flow up.
    Integrates cross –functional design involvement.
    Drives quality measurement and predictability improvement in early design phases.
    Uses process capabilities in making final decisions.
    DFSS for design and development adopts a DMADV sequence which is define, measure, analyze, design and verify. The final deliverables are team charter, CTQ, high level design, detailed design and Pilot.
    Product Design is an innovative and creative process that does good and produces good in process. Thus in an automotive manufacturing company, product design should be given appropriate quality needs in design and especially software development which is currently on the rise. In six sigma terms, creating a design means to reduce defects to zero defects, even before the full production begins.
    ITRIZ is an inventive method of problem solving and innovative thinking. It is basically known by its Russian acronym TRIZ. ITRIZ is built about the following four competencies
    Inventive problem solving
    Failure Analysis
    Failure Prediction
    Directed Evolution.
    The ITRIZ Inventive problem solving process is organized into five steps

    problem documentation

    problem modeling

    selection of directions for solving the problem.

    Development of solution concepts

    Evaluation of results

    The healthy and productive cultural changes Innovative Design for Six Sigma brings about take time to complete. They are not free and it requires commitment. The benefits are many and very high competitive firm gets a good return of investment.



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