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    My Prof. assign me a task to do a paper with the topic”Applying Six Sigma to Project Managament”.
    After I read several books and journals regarding the Six Sigma, I learn that contrary to the topics ” Applying Six Sigma to Project Management”, people use Project Management in managing the Six Sigma Projects.
    Do you have any comment regarding this problem?


    Joe Perito

    The six sigma movements being incorporated in companies “IS” a combination of Project Management and the use of statistical methods in designing experiments and in analyzing data. Employees are taught brainstorming, problem solving, project management, and statistics. All of this has a high degree of management support… to the degree that employees are told they “WILL” participate and managers are told “NOT TO” expect promotions into senior management unless they learn and practice the six sigm methods. This is what makes the program work: responsibility, authority, tracking, and the CEO’s vigilance to see that the teams and their managers are doing what they have been told to do. This sounds crude and hostile, but it is the ingrediant that causes so many programs to fail… a lack of management at the top, and apathy down the ladder.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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