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    Mukesh Kumar


    I was trying to analyze a situation of a baking machine in which three layers of cake formation exists. The strength of cake is good in bottom layer unlike in other two. I want to find out the critical factors that affects and thus prevents the desired strength to be formed in other two layers. There are various process as well as input factors to be considered.
    Kindly help me to give me some insights as to how to proceed.



    Identify what’s different about the bottom layer. For instance, experienced cooks know that it makes a difference whether something is baked in the top or bottom rack of the oven, depending on the design of the oven and other factors. Identify what’s different about the way the bottom layer is processed, from beginning to end. Investigate how each these might affect your specification (strength) and you should be well on your way.


    Boyan Angelov

    Hi Mukesh,

    If there isn’t someone more experienced to guide me, I would go the following way:
    1. decide\discuss the possible factors – baking temperature,temperature at which the cake is placed inside, distance from heater\number of heaters, fan on\off, position in the baker, baking time, viscosity (as some products may fall at the bottom),
    2. Select the top 6 of them
    3. Setup a Design of Experiments e.g. use the minitab option to set DOE
    4. Bake 12 cakes and invite friends over to test and give opinion
    5. Ask them to record their observations on check cards to decide on positive or negative outcome of each cake
    6. Add the results in the DOE analysis part and analyze the optimal behaviour

    However, maybe someone more experienced could add to the tread and give additional suggestions?

    Kind regards,

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