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    I am not iSixSigma, but I’m currently working with a BB on a project.
    It’s been wonderful to work with someone that shares my goals and if I never worked with anyone but a iSixSigma professional again, my work life would be complete.
    I read the rules about posts and I’m being careful to not promote my company or me.  I simply feel my area of expertise (Brand Management) provides a great match as defined in “Project Nomination” guidelines and clearly falls within the desired financial, operational, etc. results.  Also, in 10 years I have not found a corporation, in any industry, that does not need improvement in this area.
    I’m simply wondering if there is an appropriate forum to match my expertise with a “low-hanging fruit” project.
    Sincerest regards and apologies if this is not an appropriate post.
    I’m sure I’ll know soon!

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