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    My 1 1/2 Cents worth,
    I have worked at 3 different Operations that have Six Sigma Programs, 2 of which are fortune 50 companies. These 2 companies both have great programs, but the major difference is 1 uses its BB belts to soley run the projects, they own them, the second uses its BB to not only do projects but stir GB in thier projects, otherwise the GB own the projects. From what I can see the second has GB working more as a BB. The ultimate responsibility lays in the hands of MBB anyway.
    So do GB have any Place in todays market.  HELL YES, but some companies do use them the same way. I have seen GB with 4-5 large projects under thier belt and the only thing that separates them from BB is a piece of paper. As for the Collegiate programs, IF your good at taking test anyone can be a BB. Doesnt mean you can lead a project EFFECIENTLY, that comes with experience.



    Hi CT
    The name ‘ Six-Sigma ‘ is just used for Branding. Similarly, the BBs and GB s are nothing but the titles that will give credibility to the people who ar involved in improving the bottomline.
    The BBs undergo a training for 4 weeks that spans across 4 months and the GBs undergo a 3-5 day program. The type of projects that a BB undertake, have a wide scope involving cross-functional teams and use of advanced statistical tools. For GBs, baisc statistical tools are taught and over a period of time, as they work closely with the BBs, their knowledge lev lcan incease, but it may still not fulfill the BB requirement. Again, you will have lot variability in how the GBs or BBs are trained.
    Again getting GB certification will definately help the person in understanding Day to Day issues and using appropriate Six Sigma tools.
    The most important thing that differentiates a BB from Gb is that BB has to have strong leadership qualities whereas a GB neednot have  strong leadership qualities. Also in a matured organization, you will find that 20% are BB s and 80% are GBs.

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