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    Tyler Kuhn

    I am a December 2008 Ohio State Graduate (BA: Strategic Communication).ย  The past year of job searching has been terrible, especially with my degree.
    I’ve been looking into blackbelt certification as a way to boost my resume and give me a more concentrated job market.ย  I’m looking for help determining the best training vehicle.
    I came extremely close to taking an online course but then realized there would be no project.ย  Correct me if I’m wrong but I feel as if the experience of a project would be crucial to the process.
    I’d extremely appreciate any advice or feedback you have. I am located in Cincinnati, OH.
    Tyler Kuhn



    Tyler:ย  You have good instincts.ย 



    Tyler, not being part of a corporate deployment of SS you have rather limited choices; online, open enrollment or self-instruction. Online and open enrollment programs may have project assistance, or mentoring, available however you will find this very expensive. You may self-instruct and do a project or not.
    You can then seek certification from either or; although asq requires a project affidavit.
    Seems since you are seeking SS certification to improve your job search, versus say maximizing your skills in SS immediately, then you need to compare cost and speed of the various approaches.
    If you so choose, you can improve your knowledge/abilities with SS later. At least as I read your post it is a job you need right now. Best wishes.



    I’m in a similar boat. I was certified as a Green Belt several years
    ago and have been using the principles on a regular basis.
    However, last week I was laid off. My “dream job” is to work as a
    black belt…but the lack of the certification is holding me back. I
    have decided to focus on this while I am on the job hunt. I’ve look
    at a few online courses and just need to make a decision.asq looks fairly straight forward
    Villanova offers an online class for about twice the price, but to my
    knowledge you have lectures you can watch rather than 100%
    independant study. Still researching…what did you end up deciding?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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