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    Hi guys
    I am going to appear for my ASQ BB exam tomorrow, March 5. I welcome any useful tips you have. I have prepared OK and my confidence interval is between is 75-90%. I took test from CD from quality council and i am getting an average in all the tests about 70-80%. So any last minute tips will be appreciated


    Bob J

    Hi Jay,
    Lay out your materials and get a good nights sleep… 
    Tomorrow will be a long day….;-)
    Best Regards,
    Bob J



    I think that Darth and Mike C. will agree with me on this and I know Jimmy Buffett does. I recommend multiple shots of Jack Daniels, good rum, good tequila, or any grappa (no use paying for good stuff since there is no such thing). It will clear your head of any confusion.
    More traditional advice –
    1) Answer all questions, there is no penalty for wrong answers and the ASQ exam designers make sure there is an even distribution of answers on the multiple choice. So guess the same letter every time when guessing.
    2) Go through the exam three times. First pass, answers you know without looking them up. Second pass, answers you have to look up but know where the reference is. Third pass, try to find the reference and guess if you need to (I personally like b) as my guess).
    3) Have a good general reference such as the Indidana notes with exam questions removed and / or Juran’s handbook. Have a good stats book or a Wheeler stats book if you can’t find a good one. Have a DOE text (BHH is my preference). Thats all.
    4) Don’t cheat. The odds are that most in there haven’t been trained well and haven’t prepared well. The exception here would be if you were sitting behind me.



    One very big piece of advice: DO NOT OPEN ANY CQE BB TEXT, STAT BOOK, JURAN, ETC. tonight.  Treat yourself to something nice.  Go out and have a nice calm dinner at a fancy restaurant.  Rent a funny movie.  Take a long, hot bath in your tub.  Trust that your preparation for the past six months has been more than enough.  RELAX DUDE! 

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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