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    Can you please comment on the recognition of ASQ Certification on SIX SIGMA.
    Who ever reads this please respond, as I am interested in surveying the recogniton og ASQ Six Sigma


    muhannad al nabulsi

    If you need response,you have to explain more what you want,thanks


    Shree Phadnis

    Dear Vasantrayalu,
    ASQ as of today is the only Internationally recognized body for various certifications.As for thier Black belt certification, thier requirement is stringent where you have to give an affidavit from your organization that you have succesfully completed two Six Sigma projects,and this afidavit needs to be signed by your Champion.After which you are eligible for the exam.
    If you take this exam as a challenge and appear for it only to verify your competence then there is no problem because as a Black Belt you already must have done two projects and the exam would then test you on the ASQ Body of Knowledge.
    But if you are looking at this as a way to certification and bluff your way by producing the affidavits rather than actually doing projects you are fooling yourself.In fact I believe that for all the ASQ certification exams one should never try to study for the exam but should directly appear only to verify your knowledge against the best in the Industry.
    The approach one takes towards these certifications is more important than the certifications themselves.
    Shree Phadnis
    Master Black Belt KPMG (India)
    ASQ Certified Six Sigma Black Belt
    ASQ Certified Quality Manager
    ASQ Certified Quality Engineer


    Jay Patel

    ASQ Certification requirements has two parts. Testing knowledge and application of the knowledge/tools with objective evidence. True Black belt should have both. I became ASQ Certified SS BB. I taught refresher course and other six sigma courses. Having knowledge alone is not sufficient.


    Bob Gardner

    I’m wondering how one might be able to attain Master Black Belt Status – other than by working for a company that has its own certification program. I ‘ve been practicing the SS body of knowledge for over ten years, but haven’t worked for a company willing to pay the training costs. I did attain ASQ BB certification, but am finding that most employers are looking for MBBs. Any advice?
    Thanks,Bob Gardner

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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