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    i would like to learn more about resources that will help me pass the CSSBB exam given by the ASQ. unfortunately I cannot cover the entire BoK in good time and must take the exam within a few months.

    i am aware that there are several options out there for recent/current exam dumps with actual questions and answers. i’d like to learn more about whether those options are effective and a good resource in order to prepare for an actual exam ?

    i do not know how often the ASQ switches the exam questions or whether new questions are generated frequently ?

    any advice would be good to know in advance so i could better prepare for it ….

    thank you


    Mike Carnell

    @zero7404 There are books available from the Quality Council of Indiana. I have seen easily 30 – 40 people use it to prepare for the test. I think the material is good.

    If you are infact preparing for the test then how frequently they change questions. Yes there are new questions created constantly.



    I second Mike’s recommendation of Quality Council of Indiana. My ASQ section uses them for our training and exam preparation and we’ve had excellent success with pass/fail rate.



    thank you for the replies.

    is the BoK offered structured in a way thats easier to follow vs. the certified six sigma black belt handbook ?

    i found the handbook somewhat difficult to follow as far as learning the material.

    i don’t suppose i could bring the QC of Indiana’s BoK with me to the exam ?

    thanks again ….



    Most ASQ exams are open-book but we do have restrictions. You need to check on what you’re allowed to bring with you for a particular exam when you register to take it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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