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    Hello, I’m interested Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification and deciding between ASQ and Pyzdek. They seem comparable but is there a difference between the 2, and is one respected more than the other?

    Thank you

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    Billy you will probably need to speak to some of the heavily respected recruiters (particularly those who have delivered SS candidates). Guys like Don Garrick in Columbia, South Carolina can answer your question about respect. Most of the rest of us do not have a wide enough perspective to give you anything other than an opinion.

    Comparable means what? Tools? You can learn those from a book. What do you want to learn that will make them comparable?

    Just my opinion.

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    Billy – I won’t speak for my friend @Mike-Carnell, but I’ve never taken a certification at face value. Even from the most respected certifiers, there is considerable variation. Those who rely only on the certifying body usually don’t know what they are looking for nor how to evaluate those they are contacting. Thus, they are attempting to use a third party to do that work for them.

    I, for one, am self taught. My “certification” was from a test that I wrote (I was already the MBB in residence) and the evaluation committee were the belts that I had taught. I have done alright without some “name brand” certification. But you need to do what you feel is right for you.

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    Billy and @MBBinWI My view isn’t to far from MBBinWI. There is no point where I look at a certification and say “ok I’ll hire that person.” I see a college degree in the same way. There are places that certify people that when I see that certification I definitely would not hire that person because there are organizations that just certify for the money.

    I am like MBBinWI. There was no certification when I started learning this stuff and there was no SS. What we were doing at Motorola evolved into SS.

    Whether or not I hire someone to work for my company is based directly on my experience working with them. I don’t really have employees in the classical sense but the newest guy in my organization has been with us for 14 years. We just don’t put clients at risk by having them work with people we have not worked with. Short answer is that the cert can disqualify you but it will not qualify you.

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    Albert Viljoen
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    So true Mike.

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    ASQ will be taught by practicing experts.. Go that route for a good quality Six Sigma education

    #668084 Reply is a GREAT online resource.

    Yes, I have no financial ties or connections with this good, err great, organization.

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