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    i am an MBA student…now i am doin my summer project in a big organisation and i hav planned to do my project in attrition company is not an call center or an BPO…they hav told me tht they would give me d data of exit interviews and hav restricted me from takin d survey from the present employees…pls some one help me of how 2 go about it….i hav an very wague idea of how 2 carry on my project…pls pls someone pls help me……
    waitin for the reply



    to do a six sigma project one needs to have quite a lot of knowledge of statistical tools and techniques for analysis and also the six sigma rigor
    doing a project in attrition calls for several things
    – what does the management expect out of that, is it a top level overview of reasons for leaving or you wanna do thorough analysis and come out with predictability model for employee attrition ?
    – data validity and flexibility given by management – to what level of data sharing they are ready to do with you and what kind of flexibility they are ready to provide to you in terms of data collection and checking the validity of the same.
    – in attrition what is the measurable that management is focussing on and how serious they are in using the learnings of the project. as an advocate of six sigma i put this across very seriously to my management that they should make this a serious business
    you may write me at [email protected] . i would be able to share across a predictability model we are developing in voluntary attrition



    I have couple of questions:
    1. Do you intend to do a Six Sigma project?
    2. Is attrition a challenge for this organisation?
    If your answer to 2 is ‘No’, perhaps, you need to think if you have chosen the right metric to base your project on.
    If your answer to 1 is ‘No’, then you may want to use tools like Cause-Effect diagrams, FMEA & QFD to perform preliminary analyses. From experience, I can say that, reasons stated in exit-interviews are, usually, not the actual reasons for employees quitting organisations.
    You may also want to find out if you are permitted to contact the employees that have left the organisation. That’s because, ex-employees would, usually, be comfortable talking about ‘true’ reasons once they have left an organisation and settled in a different one. This in itself should be insightful.
    And, finally, you would want to get some demographic information of those who quit the organisation, in order to facilitate simple demographical analyses.



    Please establish first the goal for attrition rate then compare vs actual.
    Come up with a pareto, chart, and/or trends of the results of the exit interview based on no. of employees resigned and occurrences of similar issues.
    Support these by coming up with a histogram on the no. of employees.
    Through these tools, you can readily see, what particular duration has the most effect on attrition.
    Afterwards, come up with a root cause analysis then the right solutions.

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