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    I’ve a question to ask, which probably might have got posted earlier, but anyway let me ask you all again. I’ve heard people saying to me that using “average of averages” does not yield the proper result & hence should not be used. Especially in call centers while calculating the AHT on a month to date basis, we do not calculate the average of every day AHT and divide it by no. of days in a month, instead we add the acd+acw+hold for x amount of calls and then divide it by the no.of calls to get the exact AHT. Hope I’m not confusing.
    In a similar way, when I was going thorugh the X-Bart to my surprise average of averages is taken to calculate the central line mean. Can somebody say if this would result in an exact figure and if it would then why is it not followed in call centers for calculating the month to date AHT by just calculating the average AHT for everyday and dividing it by the no.of days.
    Any insights plz. let me know.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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