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    Has anyone here taken the on-line SSBB certification course from Aveta Business Solutions?
    If so can you share your experiences.



    Please refer to the other threads regarding Aveta on isixsigma.
    However, consider the following:
    – They have no phone number to reach them (email only)
    – Only testimonial is about Six Sigma in general, not about them
    – Not much detail is given on their program, just a lot of glitz
    – From all that I can see, they basically give you reading assignments from Tom P’s book, and when you are ready, they test you (some optional material is provided, but little detail is given on it)
    – Do you think anyone will hold their certification in high regard?
    My recommendation is that it would be far better and cheaper to buy the CSSBB Primer from the Indiana Quality Council ($70) as well as their test CD ($75) and take the ASQ certification. The ASQ certification is internationally highly regarded. The Indiana Quality Council materials are fantastic and inexpensive. I have successfully used them to coach many people to successfully pass the ASQ CSSBB exam on their first try.
    The test CD is fantastic, allowing you to simulate the CSSBB chapter mixtures in tests of any length, as well as allowing you to select single chapters. It contains 1,000 questions. It also has a timer to see how long it takes you to take the test (but allows you to pause it in case you are interupted). Do not bother buying the solutions text. It only has 400 questions (which are also included on the CD).
    Take this approach and I think that you will be quite happy.


    Juan C. Rivera

     I enroll the Black Belt Aveta Solution Program and they use The Six Sigma Hand Book by Thomas Pyzdek. A good thing is that they make you reed all the book and take 16 tests related with the lecture. So if you don’t reed and understand the book you can’t answer their questions. There are courses in which the instructor covers what they want or the time couldn’t make them program. How many Black Belts have the Handbook book? How many use it for reference and take their time to reed it? How can you have a Degree or a Certification without reading? My cousin enroll a program with a recognize institution and I make questions to him and he doesn’t know how to answer. At least Aveta solution make sure that you reed the book and understand the complete guide for Green Belts, Black Belts and Managers at all levels, It also touch bases on lean and DFSS. What else does a person wants to cover?
    They don’t have a phone number but you can always e-mail them “that’s not good” or enter to a Chat room “better option”. Presentations are good but they can do a better job. You never know where you fail in the test. That’s good because you need to check where you fail and that makes you think. You have to present a Black Belt Project and they e-mail you where you have to improve.
    About the experience its more self studding and I like that way. A phone number is be a better way of communication.  But about what I learned I think it depend on how good you want to be and not how good is the school. Learning depends on us.
    Ing Juan C. Rivera


    Chaunceia Hughley

    I wanted to know if anyone has taken any courses with Aveta Business Solutions?  Are they a certified company for Six Sigma?



    Don’t know them but there is no such thing as “certified company for SS”. Doesn’t exist.




    Few people know who they are and their website makes it difficult to evaluate their service. Read some of these previous threads on this topic.

    Cheers, Alastair



    Hello All,
    I just happened to run across this string, and since I received my BB cert. from them, I’ll give some short input.  The text is T. Pyzdek’s handbook, which is great, and I refer to it often.  The tests are challenging, but come straight from the material (this means you can find the answers as you take it).  It lacks a lot of the “bells and whistles” of other programs, i.e.  video presentations, rich multimedia, etc.  However, the BOK covered by the text and minimal supplements is adequate, just not flashy.  They allow a “hypothetical” project, or a “real” project.  As a working BB, I will add this caveat:  you must choose to do a real project if you want to bridge the gap between theory and practice.  I found the email support to be excellent.  Always very responsive, timely and accurate.
    Additionally, I had a company MBB, whom I consider my mentor, who augmented my training with real discussion and constant critique/support.  I have also taken SS courses through Villanova online, and the “real” world experience far outweighs the “certifications”.  If you want a cert to look good on your resume, they will all work, but if you want to be a good BB, then you should be in a company with the support to help you pursue your goals both with soft skills and statistical analysis. 
    Hope this is helpful.


    Harold Schmurtz

    This post reinforces my perception that the state of Six Sigma certification is a lot like practicing law in the era of Abraham Lincoln, when there was no formalized legal education and no bar exam – anybody could hang up a shingle and call themselves a lawyer.  Any organization which certifies black belts based upon a “hypothetical” project is a JOKE, and the rest of us should throw spitwads at their shingle.



    As I completely agree with you Harold, I would like to add two thoughts.  Some organizations utilize SS, but do not have a BB training program.  I would think this type of certification would be valid if completing a real project as verified by a company BB or MBB.
    Also, I do recall that by choosing to do a “real” project, Aveta sent a separate certification acknowledging my ability to successfully utilize the SS methadology in a real work environment.  So, there were two certs: one for the BOK, and one for the project.
    On a side note, unless you are coming from a company with a well-documented SS deployment and training program, a company BB cert may not be as valid as assumed either.  In any case, an accreditation and governing body for SS cert is a more complicated discussion.
    For now, I guess it’s buyer beware for the employer, and that much more reason to keep a portfolio of your projects.

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