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    I have signed up for and I am
    very disapointed: just tests
    greenbelts on the content of the book “the six
    sigma handbook” by Thomas Pyzdek.Example questions:
    exam I Q 1: The DMAIC improvement model is an
    acronym for: answer: table 1.1 p. 4exam II Q 16: Dashboards for scale data: answer: p.
    81, para. 4 (Headline “Dashboards”)exam II Q 20: A popular method for developing
    requirements and setting goals is called: answer:
    p. 91, para. 5 (Headline “Benchmarking”)
    “Benchmarking is a popular method for developing
    requirements and setting goals”You do not need comprehension to pass these exams.
    All you need to do is to find the references in the
    book. That’s it!That kind of certification just looks foolish on a
    CV! Never hire somebody who takes like that


    Adam L Bowden

    You should have researched Aveta here – lots of interesting
    comments. If you want to be pushed to show technical knowledge,
    application of said knowledge and achieve results successfully to get
    certified through sweat blood and tears let me know. I do not let and
    GB’s off lightly and certification is not just a “given”. Let me know
    how I can assist you.Regards,Adam [email protected]



    I earned my Six Sigma Certification from Acuity Institute and I am really happy that I did choose them.  I researched Aveta too and decided not to choose them.  They didn’t appeal to my needs as a visual learner.  The simulation example in the course help drive home how you would apply the methods in the real world.  Acuity was more comprehensive, interactive, and have more bonuses.  Acuity Institute was 100% online, you get an ebook, templates, SigmaXL software, and continuing education credits.  The instructors are really helpful too.



    This site is not for advertising – of course unless you pay for it.



    Monique obviously is from Acuity… the only thing she likes to do other than pimp their product is put down Aveta (seemingly their closest competitor). Only thing worse than bad reviews are self-promotion reviews. Anyone reading this… Acuity is a joke. For less money they will give you a black belt certification with no project requirement. Real stand-up company (roles eyes).



    To set the record straight. .

    I’m not from Acuity Institute.  If I like a product, service, or a good restaurant.  I am entitled to blog about it, tell a friend, etc.
    I didn’t know that my link was not appropriate for this forum.  When Stan replied to my note, I reported my own comment as spam to iSixSigma and they never removed the message, even though I reported it.
    There is no question of competition here. 
    Bottom line, if a customer says they did not like a product or service and as a result they cancel or ask for a refund, instead of attacking them, you should ask them how you can make their experience better.  VOC, remember. Failure to convert a sale is room for improvement.  Go, back to the drawing board and try to add more value to your product.   A good example of that is Pyzdek Institute.  I was really surprised to see them do an overhaul.  The fact is that they(the Six Sigma bible writers) even benchmarked Acuity. So, take time to teach and share instead of bash.  My blog is my VOICE.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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