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    Hi all,

    I’m completely new to six Sigma methodology but I’m very keen to learn about it and get a green belt certification. I’m an engineer and I believe it will improve my process improvement skills. The only trouble is that I currently don’t work with projects and hence I’m not able to complete one for the sake of certification. Also I’m only able to complete an online training.

    I looked at a few online training providers and it appears that some of the most popular ones are ASQ, Villanova, Aveta and Lean Sigma Corporation. Which one would you advise would be the best option for my circumstances? My work is paying for it so the price should not be an issue.

    Many thanks


    Katie Barry

    @beginnersix-sigma Did you search our forum before posting your question? The first three companies in your list (if not all four) have been addressed for years.



    Hi Katie,

    Sorry for that, I’m using my mobile and I couldn’t find a search function on the site.

    From my understanding Aveta would probably be the best choice for me. I’m saying this because both Villanova and ASQ need to be re-certified every several years which is really inconvenient. I don’t think I even qualify for ASQ as they ask for 3 years of experience in six Sigma, which I don’t have.

    Please correct me if I am wrong.

    Many thanks


    Katie Barry

    @beginnersix-sigma I have no idea what their specific requirements are.

    We also have a full section of Training content. This article in particular may be of interest to you: Resource Page — How to Learn Lean Six Sigma >



    Thanks very much Katie, very interesting read.

    After a bit more research I realized that ASQ and Villanova are out of equation for me. ASQ requires candidates to have 3 years of experience whereas Villanova green belt holders need to be re-certified every three years which is quite inconvenient.

    So I’d like reframe my question to: Which is a more respectable and more widely known provider, Aveta or Lean Sigma Corporation? Any insights would be much appreciated.

    According to the link below Lean Sigma Corporation is a better choice.

    Many thanks


    Katie Barry

    @beginnersix-sigma I recommend you find a desktop version of our site and search the forums where opinions about training/certification providers have been shared time and again through the years.



    The SixSigma environment and belts idea is much of a hype created specially by companies to earn money. Six Sigma resources are available all over the internet. The only critical thing is that you have to run a project yourself and deliver it to management.
    I’d propose the following. Find a Master Black Belt certified person on your Linkedin network. Agree with him/her that through the project he/she will be your coach and mentor.
    Once you finish the project in needed shape he/she can give you your Green Belt Certification.
    The Green Belt and Black Belt are not part of the Holy Books. They are just proofs that one has managed to complete needed activities.

    Good Luck.

    Imran Baghirov



    Well, way to go there Katie barry, so quick to reply yet offer zero guidance. Instead of, go search the forum, maybe an answer would e been beneficial. Being I have the same question, and now I either search your forum or press the back button amd find someone with answers already continentally posted. My 2 cents Mick, as a I have 2 engineering degrees and a business degree, with the same question amd passion, don’t turn to this site for an answer. Honestly, bang for your buck, I believe Villanova has the best program. ASQ and Villanova require you to maintain your certificate, but in the working realm, that means you are requires to stay on top of cutting advancements. Work that into your salary requirement, it’s $5k every 3 years for renewal and addition to your education / ability. Get the cert, and make sure your salary includes the tri-annual expense. Shouldn’t be hard, if you can finish the certification program.




    Mick, it depends on your goals. If you want a professional certification that employers recognize and you can be proud to put on your resume it’s hard to beat ASQ or Villanova. There’s no central standards body for certification so it can be anywhere from strict entry criteria, a difficult exam, and continuing documented success in the practice — to just filling out a form and paying a fee. I tell people it’s analogous to becoming ordained clergy.

    So what do you want? Do you want to be a six sigma professional? Do you just want a certification? Or, as you said, do you want to learn and use this to help you do your work better? In the latter case I’d take Imran’s advice. Since you’re an engineer you should already know statistics and other basics. If you’re ambitious enough you can use self-directed learning. But most people really need a mentor who can provide guidance.

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