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Baseline Capability Study

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    I’m in the measure phase of my project. The goal is to reduce lead time on a product made of steel and/or aluminum that is welded together. Baseline mean from a sample of 10 units is 343 minutes. I believe we can get it down to about 45 minutes as the process is very loose and each fabricator does there own process.
    What do I need to do to perform a baseline capability study and what tool(s) in Minitab should I use?
    Do I need to know what the customers’ upper and lower limits for time to build would be (leadtime)? I’m not sure how to deal with improving build times and analysis. Product specs are easier!

    Please advise.

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    @budsixsigma – Bud: We won’t do your work for you here. But we will help you help yourself, but you need to try.

    Was your six sigma training pure SS or did you also have some lean process improvement methods?

    Why do you think you need a “capability study” on the time for this fabrication process? You state that the current time is 343 mins. If you could reduce the variation of that time (improve the capability) so that EVERY item took 343 mins, would that be better or worse? I think you need to re-examine your problem. Once you do that, it should identify a logical first step, which should lead to the second, etc.

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    I assume you mean cycle time?

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    Bud Douglas
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    Thanks for the feedback! I did mean cycle time. Forgive my ignorance. I realized the goal is to reduce the build time to ~ 60 minutes per VOC. I was looking to do a baseline capability as it was noted as a required component for my project. I used the six pack for analysis.

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    @budsixsigma – capability is a measure of how many outputs meet the specifications. You need spec limits, and measurements of (probably a sample) the output.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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